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Palestine is unique -the quickest shrinking country with the fastest growing religion. It has everything, sun, sea and the beaches and other areas are regularly bulldozed often at night so as not to disturb the tourists. It has a thriving rocket programme, Palestinian rocket scientists hope soon to reach far away civlisations and to enter hyperspace as they are bit short of space where they are. This is due to a local anomaly which has created what Stephen Hawking has dubbed "Settler Hard Cheese" where pockets of dense anti-everything are created and where no light shines. The SHCs can swallow up mountain tops and olive farms and water and they produce brown effluvia. Very little matter goes into or out of Palestine apart from rockets and a strange local force that Hawking calls IDF (Intercellar Dense Force). IDF surrounds the Palestine quadrant in a grand unified high energy scale interaction. Little is known about the mechanisms of this force but a lot of particles do collide. Hawking says that he hopes that the simple Lie group and the semisimple group can be brought together in to a grand unified group but many scientists and others from neighbouring Israel say they favour the two state theory. I hope others who are better qualified can give a fuller explanation of these phenomena. The fundamental interaction between these two states is unique ( An interaction is fundamental when it cannot be described in terms of other interactions) and as a consequence fundamentalism and mentalism abound.

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