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edit Andromeda Strain

The Andromeda Strain (1782) was a film based on the recent events of an alien Banhammer attempting to smite the people of earth. It was based on the novel with the same name, but was better than the film (like they always are). Originally, it was about . However the writers huffed some kittens themselves and forgot all about that idea. Instead, the producers decided to make humans save the day with something about a secret base related to Nuclear Arms.

edit Plot

The plot closely follows the book. In the movie, a Satellite is knocked out of it's orbit because NASA screwed up again. So, as it returns to earth, it lands in a area next door to Roswell, New Mexico. With these followings,s some doctor with a useless degree in business, he minored in microbiology. After attending to Roswell, New Mexico's neighbor, they discovered a half dead baby with dead baby jokes written on it's forehead. After meeting the baby, they find out that everyone has seemingly died in a car crash or something.

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