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edit Introduction

Pez17 was developed by the Intel corporation in the late 1980s as a part of an experiment to see how long it would take for various organisms to start editing wiki pages. The experiment is now complete, and Pez17 is free to play chess, talk to strange people and do lots and lots of fun maths homework, just like any other normal teenager.

edit Articles Pez17 Has Cleaned Up

Michael Stipe

Jerry Springer

USB ports


Nuclear Power

Make $$$ fast

By popular demand, Backslash

And, before it was butchered by That Guy, Fish & chips

He also wrote "HowTo:Convince people you're a nutcase"

There are probably others that I have changed here or there, but you know, do I care? Sort of.

edit Things You Should Know

Pez17 is from South Australia, a division of Australia inc.

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