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    my anti-drug
~ Everybody on on Peter M Dodge

This is the user page of Peter M Dodge, Member of UnParliament. It is generally believed that he is a teenager, probably male, although with the irregularities of names and the proliferation of cat huffing in the previous generation, it is a matter of some contention, especially among those with far too much time on their hands.

edit Early Life

Cordial discussion on the early life of Peter M Dodge generally revolves around the fact that there is nothing to discuss. This has lead to increasingly more discussion on this, semantic wanks have found broaching the subject an adequate way of fully exploring the meaning of doing something that has no meaning. This has lead to a variety of Good ThingsTM including but not limited to world peace and cat huffing, and the rest of the world has generally agreed that it is a good thing that such wanks are thoroughly preoccupied so that the rest of us can do useful stuff. Debate still rages on what useful stuff is, however.

edit Uncyclopedia Work

Further exploration by aforementioned wanks has also been on the subject of nonexistence. This is evidenced best in Peter M Dodge's Uncyclopedia work, which is, quite redundantly, nonexistent. Those of more astute means find that his IRC status has been eating for the past while, and edit in his stead on the interim. It is, in fact, believed that he is merely on a long large break, and the nameplate on his door reads, "Peter M Dodge, UmP, Editor - Missing, presumed Fed."

edit Useful Shit

A real article

edit Useless Shit

Member of the Order
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