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This is an excerpt (with some additions and deletions) that I am using for an example in a Pee Review...

Around dusk, a middle aged woman slips out of the building in Sydney where she works as a statistical analyst and researcher. Highly intelligent, with a passion for music and murder mysteries, she’s popular with the colleagues, although sometimes she gets mystified emails from senior management in reply to her emails, which are indecipherable. Not that she dwells on this as she drives home. Half an hour after leaving the office, she unlocks her front door and walks into a wild, anarchic, mind-boggling mess.

I met Rosemary Wilson early one evening. She lives on the top floor of an old block of flats. It’s a nice neighbourhood – and it’s probably a very nice flat. But it’s impossible to know because the interior is crammed with incredible piles of jumbled-up possessions and paperwork, domestic clutter and junk. In the kitchen, a dresser and a table are half buried under a tangled mass of junk.

We talk, not in her flat – it’s impossible – but instead in the flat directly opposite. She’s a nice person, greeting me and leading us into a small room overlooking the busy city street – and here she tells me about her problems. She is prescribed to Ritalin, a stimulant that is used for people with deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD.

Her friends say she’s just lazy – “I am lazy,” agrees Rosemary, “I should just clean up.”

There a few scratches from her old dog, Charlie, but otherwise our talk is undisturbed, and I begin to gain a understanding into the disadvantages of living with this condition.

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