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“Talks too much!”
~ Oscar Wilde on Perdition

“The guy's just freakin' scary!”
~ Satan on Perdition
“Don't be a pussy, Satan!”
~ God on Perdition
~ Perdition on Perdition
Classification Fallen
Position One of the countless personifications of evil
Weapon His will
Loyalty Axis of Evil
In it for Corruption of mankind and destruction of Heaven

Perdition (Latin: Abyssus, Gibberish: Pa'djnn) is the name of a deity that is commonly mistaken as the devil.

He is the leader of the Fallen, a race of interdimensional demons that are at war with Heaven. Perdition has been secretley responsible for the sinking of Atlantis, the death of Jesus and the birth of the Antichrist.

edit Appearance


Perdition's crazy nephew, Adolf Hitler.

Perdition can become any form he chooses. His true form is hidden from the living, because it is so damn scary that you'd die if you seen it. Those who are either immortal, undead or very powerful have described his true form as a swirling mass of black fire, screaming white faces and a blinding red light at the centre of the abyss. It is said that he attempts to fool the recentley departed by pretending to be 'the tunnel', but the scary faces give it away.

Sexy Girl Santa 4

His daughter, Dixie.

edit Powers and abilities

Being one of the Fallen, Perdition has almost unlimited power. After his battle between God, Vishnu and Ving Rhames, he is weakened but still a formidable enemy to those who oppose him. Basically, if you fuck with him, he'll FUCK YOU UP, BIIIIIIIIIIIITCH!

edit Current Status

Behind you!

edit Family

Family Member Name
Mother Hillary Clinton
Father Xenu
Sisters(s) Optimus Prime
Brother(s) Satan


Children Dixie


Other Adolf Hitler (nephew)

Mephistopheles (cousin)

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