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I am currently on partial UncycloBreak and may not respond promptly to inquiries.

Warning: This user page contains links to Wikipedia, so be careful where you click.

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Here is a warning template:

Or, should I say...


Pentium5dot1 [insert other username idea here][1] is a suspected-Aspie[2] netizen who is supposed to be occupied with Caltech homework a vast majority of the time. He chose this Internet nickname many years ago, before Wikipedia was even a pipe dream. Needless to say, Wikipedia blocked him anyway[3]. He insists that he has no conscious intention to promote the Intel Pentium line of microprocessors. What he means to say is that he is not quite as much of a computer geek as his name implies.

Because of, mental issues, he lacks the spine needed to be a all-star Uncyclopedia editor, but you can't blame him for trying. Being a possible Aspie, he also spends a lot of time thinking about pedantic issues, such as his hard-line viewpoint about using the {{Wikipedia}} template early and often. See Advisory to other editors below.

(Semi-)Urgent News

Nothing at the moment

Advisory to other editors

  • Although it might appear that I'm failing to preview my edits, au contraire - all the previewing I do doesn't make one iota of a dent in my ... poor planning. Also, many of the articles which I attend to are otherwise of low activity, distorting the balance of who is editing.
  • I may be slightly inconsistent in what I choose to mark as a minor edit.
  • I am likely to panic when my edits are reverted, due to my impression that I am subject to punishment. If you need to revert an edit of mine that is substantial in length or in misconduct, I would greatly appreciate it if you could notify me on my user talk.
  • I get annoyed when people try too hard to fix my RED LINKS, as I often have a purpose for putting them there. On the other hand, I often forget that red links are absolutely unacceptable on disambiguation pages.
  • I am a mergist/redirectionist leaning ever-so-slightly deletionist.
  • I tend to be timid/ineffectual on articles where major cleanup is warranted. This results in what Wikipedians call a "needy edit."
  • In general, I am an UncycloGnome, not an UncycloFairy. See also Other tasks.

Accomplishments and Responsibilities


I did not create these articles; I am just trying to help improve them. I have only listed articles to which I have made some substantial contribution in content (as opposed to mere maintenance).

Other tasks

  • Catching vandalism on my frequently perused articles
  • Random-page and (less often) new-page patrolling, leading mainly to QVFD nominations
  • Template maintenance (mainly wording and wikilinking)
  • For that matter, article maintenance regarding wording and wikilinking
  • Making my half-baked voice heard in policy and VFD discussions



To the extent permissible by U.S. law, I hereby multi-license my contributions under the GFDL as it is implemented on Wikipedia, in addition to CC-by-sa (the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license; version 3.0 preferred, but older versions may be applied where compatible). The latter differs from the standard Uncyclopedia license in allowing commercial use, but it has the same requirements of attribution.

Images uploaded by me may be exceptions if the image page specifies otherwise.

This licensing information applies retroactively wherever possible. I first placed this licensing information on my user page 22:45 (PDT), 20 July 2007, and I last made substantive changes to it 21:07 (PDT), 12 June 2008.

Although I lack the resources to ensure full enforcement (i.e. IANAL), please try to keep this information in mind and exercise utmost respect. (If you see me being irrationally inclusionist on a deletion debate, it might be justifiable by the GFDL.)

my mood ring
very happy
  1. I am also known as eighty5cacao or variants thereof on various forums. See also note #3 below.
  2. This is not an official diagnosis.
  3. It is no longer practical for me to contest the block, but I have yet to register a new Wikipedia account. I will probably be doing that soon, but the account name will not be Eighty5cacao, and I will not disclose it here.


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