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WIP The contents of this page should be considered "Wild Mass Guessing" (as defined by TV Tropes).

edit Relationship

edit Hypothesis 1: Born conjoined

Shortcuts: #bunker #conjoined #siamese

Justification: "Len" and "Rin" = left and right; compare Chang and Eng Bunker, whose given names literally mean "left" and "right" respectively. (The next step is to explain how/why they were separated)

edit Hypothesis 2: Created as identical

Shortcuts: #identical

...and then one of their "bodies" was modified with features that ordinary humans would recognize as gender differences. (TV Tropes: Identical Twin ID Tag)

edit Hypothesis 3: No family relation

Shortcuts: #strangers #unrelated

Compare Suzanne Vega and Luka Vega (more info at

edit Hypothesis 4: Parts of a combining mecha

Shortcuts: #combining #gattai #mecha

edit Psychic link?

Shortcuts: #psychic #wifi

If they're robots, why can't they just use WiFi?

TODO: Explain why this section is here in the first place... (it relates to hypothesis 3 above)

edit Len's negative continuity

Shortcuts: #continuity #kenny

Len is equipped with the ability to reassemble himself after being dismembered.

The other Vocaloids are unaware of this because a central master computer (explain more) remotely erases their memories of any incident in which Len appears to die.

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