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The editor who creates this article may replace "Conspiracy" by any other word as s/he sees fit. The concept is that Turkey and Japan have set up a secret society to manipulate global politics.

wikipedia:Japan–Turkey relations is a stub, so it might not help much.

I got the idea from a few coincidental similarities between the Turkish and Japanese languages:

  • Compare Turkish for "no" with Japanese for "yes" (technically "it is so").
  • There exists a city named Yandere in Turkey. (Need help? This is what yandere means(TV Tropes). Perhaps say that Yandere, Turkey was established as a colony of mercenaries and/or spies and that the word yandere was coined to describe the typical personality of this city's inhabitants.) The name is undoubtedly pronounced totally differently in Japanese and Turkish, but I'm not familiar enough with Turkish to give details.
    There also exists a city named Yandere in Côte d'Ivoire. Is this relevant, and how could we work it into the article? Perhaps say that it was founded as an expansion of the Yandere organization (i.e., a "backup copy" of Yandere, Turkey)?
  • The Altaic languages are a proposed language family including both Turkic languages such as Turkish and Japonic languages such as Japanese.
    Examples of similar words (Wikipedia)
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