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edit Pocky (the snack food)

The current article seems to focus on phallic aspects. This seems to violate part of HTBFANJS. Suggestions?

Perhaps pretend that a Pocky stick is a (model of a) lightsaber? But how do we avoid Star Wars clichés that way?

edit Pocky & Rocky (the video game)

Correct Wikipedia link (not a redirect): wikipedia:Pocky & Rocky. Especially if you are not already familiar with this game, please read the page linked in the footnote[1].

In the real world, it has nothing to do with that Pocky or that Rocky. In the Uncyclopedia world, it might be worth mentioning those subjects. Perhaps Pocky's "magic stick" could be made of Pocky (the edible kind) with suitable magical treatment? Rocky swings his tail at enemies as the equivalent of the "magic stick" - make some joke about Rocky's tail being used for complex manipulation of objects (cf. Zimbu the Monkey from the Dilbert series?[2]), but avoid unnecessary balls jokes

In the two SNES installments, the playable characters' game-over animations look like the standard depiction of a Christian angel. On the comments of some YouTube video[3], this led to a rant about the extent to which Christianity and Shinto are compatible. TODO: Figure out how this might be used in the article.

In Japan, the series is titled KiKi KaiKai. Try to make a joke about this and the similarly-named but unrelated Takashi Murakami franchise/characters "Kaikai (and) Kiki."[4]

edit Maybe related to both topics

Pocky (the snack food) is known as Rocky in Malaysia to avoid similarities with a vulgar word[unreliable source?]. How could we work this in?

edit Footnotes

  2. The analogy is more exact than you think: See the March 30, 1994 Dilbert strip, part of the Zimbu the Monkey series, available on p. 236 of Seven Years of Highly Defective People. This strip shows the Pointy-Haired Boss introducing Dilbert to the department's new C programmer Rocky, a humanoid with a tail.
  3. This video of Pocky & Rocky 1 has the aforementioned rant. This video shows that the sequel has the same game-over animation.
  4. There are actually two things by this name: an animated film "Kaikai and Kiki" and an artist's collective "Kaikai Kiki."
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