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This page will cover the following topics. Actual content to come later.

edit Kuru (disease)


A disease related to mad cow disease and CJD.

edit Kuru Kuru Kururin


There should be the usual sort of conspiracy theory to explain why none of the games in the series was released in North America (but make sure it's funny enough - claims that the game is a tool for brainwashing/hypnosis might be ok if done extremely carefully). A quick check of IGN shows that Nintendo was definitely thinking about it, though. (Note: The IGN ref seems to mix up the original game with its sequel Kururin Paradise. The first game did get released in Europe, which may be the source of the confusion.)

edit How to connect the two topics

Quoting the Wikipedia article on the disease: "The word kuru is taken from the Fore word "kuria/guria", 'to shake'." Is "shaking" close enough to "spinning/rotation"?

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