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Disambiguation: This page is not for requesting an article to be created. See Uncyclopedia:Requested Articles and User talk:Pentium5dot1.

An arrow (<-, ->) indicates a redirect. All links in the "Pages to create" and "Userbox issues" sections are piped to subpages of my storage facility. If you create one of these pages, please update my storage-facility front page. Links in the "Pee Reviews in Progress" section are piped to the Pee Review pages (not the original articles).

edit Pages to create

Note to self: Clean out this section and move anything worth saving to User:Pentium5dot1/UN:REQ holding cell

edit Need expert advice

  • Famicom Disk System (PLEASE WAIT...INSERT SIDE B...STILL LOADING... - I can develop that kind of gag just fine, but for the technical stuff in the article's intro, I need help)
  • Peter Singer (a modern utilitarian philosopher; see Wikipedia:Peter Singer for the scoop)
  • Mozilla Thunderbird (I'm not an expert on either OS-tan or the Mozilla Foundation/Corporation. Mozilla Thunderbird was originally a redirect to Mozilla Firefox, which was also the only article that used the redirect (forming an infinite loop). The redirect was deleted because of its uselessness.)
  • ISO 9000 (one carefully chosen use of an Over 9000 joke might be okay, but avoid using the video-game-piracy meaning of ISO; are there any business-management experts out there?)
  • Windows Home Server

edit Pages to fix (minor)

edit Real content issues

edit Maintenance

None at the moment

edit Pages to fix (major)


edit Need expert advice


edit Pee Reviews in Progress


edit Userbox issues

  • Make a userbox that says something like: "This user has been blocked from Wikipedia, because (s)he is a total idiot/dumbass/loser"
  • Make userboxes (possibly Babel-style) about DDR players (?)
  • Place Babel userboxes on my user page
  • Make a userbox for Caltech students

edit Other

edit Arbitrary section break

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