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Pop'n Music is a (hand-operated) music video game created by Konami. (Look at the piped links here - how do we expand upon that joke? Perhaps mention Konami's involvement in pop-up ads as part of the conspiracy? Maybe we could say that the game is about closing pop-up ads? This might not be such a good idea given that most Internet advertisements are no longer pop-ups, though.)

.. part of Konami's master plan (called BEMANI[1]) to brainwash Japanese children (teenagers?) into (FINISH THIS SENTENCE)

edit Control system

(9 large buttons; see the Wikipedia article for more info - say something about the fact that it is a better upper-body workout than beatmania IIDX and a good complement to the lower-body workout provided by DDR. Perhaps say it's used as training for operating the robots used by the Japan Self-Defense Forces?)

edit Technical details

FIXME (general design of the arcade cabinet, as well as the hardware used, but don't go into too much detail - see User:Pentium5dot1/Storage facility/GameCorner as an example of the appropriate level of detail. Also mention something about the PlayStation 2)

edit Musical content

FIXME (generally lighter/happier than DDR and IIDX, with greater use of anime and (certain types of?) J-pop)

edit Detailed explanation of the conspiracy theory (working title)

edit Relationship to other BEMANI games


edit Notes

  • Say something about "kawaii buffer overflow exploits" being used as a method of mind control to perform social engineering
  • Relate the above point to why no accurate non-Japanese localization of Pop'n Music has ever been released. Mention how players (especially non-Japanese ones) tend to refer to songs by their genres[2] instead of their titles (part of the conspiracy whose goal is to "confuse" players?)
  • Each of the characters in the game represents a specific person/robot/AI program/... involved in the conspiracy (i.e. they are the avatars used by said people/AI programs/... in a virtual world?)
  • There is a non-Japanese localization titled "beat'n groovy" for the Xbox 360 (on XBLA) which uses the standard Xbox 360 controller. It is considered a piece of crap.
  • ...and a Wii adaptation with an altered control scheme (originally planned to be available worldwide; when will the real Pop'n Music reach the US anyway? probably never)

edit Footnotes

  1. we need to turn BEMANI into a backronym, as was done with "Sanrio" in the intro to Hello Kitty
  2. One reason: Notice that on the banners, the genres are often written in a larger font than the titles (check YouTube). The other reason is that most people aren't literate in Japanese.
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