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edit Documentation

Test cases are located at User:Pentium5dot1/Sandbox#Google template

Unlike wikipedia:Template:Google, this template only generates an URL; it does not automatically supply a link title.

The parameters to this template are as follows:

  • 1: Search query. Do not manually replace spaces with plus signs; the template will do that for you.
  • ssl: Whether to use a HTTPS connection; considered true if set to 1 (the number one) and false otherwise. Do not attempt to use the words yes or true, as they will not be recognized. The use of is intentional. (Also, used to redirect there for users who are not logged in.)

Note that the code that was in this revision would have worked correctly (saving one ifeq test on ssl) were it not for MediaWiki bug 12974 (which would cause a colon to be interpreted as a new indented paragraph).

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