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Penname (penname) - Creator of the Kick Ass Seal of Approval

Also called "pen name", "penname1", and "pen_name1".

Gender: Masculine. Usage: English, German, Scottish, Irish, Pennamians, writers

Pronounced: PENNAME(all) [key] From a Gaelic name which refers to a member of an ancient Gaelic tribe of writers in the Hebrides region of Scotland. The Pennamians settled in the Hebrides region through force of their pens, which shocked the ever loving crap out of the Norse decedents living there; an ancient quote by a local unnamed king characterizes this state of shock:

"I'm shocked. Seriously shocked. We're all just so frikin shocked. I mean, when they say that the pen is mightier than the sword we all just laughed and nodded, we didn't take it seriously at all. But then we all saw Frank get sliced in half by one of the fancy office pens, and we all went 'Oh Snap!' and we just gave right the hell up. Shocked".

DND: Dungeons and Dragons

I plays Dungeons and Dragons, and me's a DM. Don't like DND?


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