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Before we begin, if you are not careful, you could kill yourself.

It's not that anyone cares if you live or not, its just a liability thing.

Now that that is out of the way....

You need two things.

1: A unopened can of Coke

2: A hammer.

Coke vs pepsi

You need one of these.

Hammer (tool)

You also need one of these.

Step One: Take Coke in hand

Step Two: Shake coke with great vigor.

Step Three: Puncture can with backside of hammer.

Step Four: Throw can.

Step Five: Run away before you get hit by the resulting blast of Coke.

edit Possible Repercussions

By doing this, there are many possible things that could go wrong. First, you could die from the resulting blast. Second, anyone hit by the blast and lives will most likely get very mad at you. Finally, the FBI or who ever is in charge of National security will probably get pissed at you.

One last thing: I never told you any of this.

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