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More commonly known as a Woodfur, the PartTimeTroll is a species found almost exclusively on the Internet. There is only one known Woodfur in existence. It can be found in a variety of places, though it's most prominently seen around Quotev and YouTube.

The Woodfur is believed to be a subspecies of ninja, though it sometimes looks like a pale tabby cat, which has yet to be explained. Little is understood about the species, which is generally true of women. It tends to be an introverted species with a preference to blend in, but it surfaces a few times daily to make some sort of smart-assed remark about something it hates.

edit Values

As a general rule, the Woodfur hates anything having to do with human interaction. Its only willing communication with other living beings is via the Internet, where it talks to other beings that hate human interaction.

edit Religion (and lack thereof)

The Woodfur holds a high regard to science (which anyone with a basic edumacation about Jesus knows to be complete and utter bullshit). It doesn't claim to even believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster, though how someone could deny such an obvious fact is beyond me. Instead, the Woodfur is a self-proclaimed Teslan-Buckleyist.

It not only believes in science but also participates in the satanic practice known as maths. This is an effective self-defense mechanism in the event that someone it hates attempts to engage it in a totally pointless conversation.

edit Procrastination

I'll finish this later.

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