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I am PanjabiMC. Hey man, speak your mind on My talk page.

edit Pet Peeves

  • Bill O'Reily
  • Any of Paris hilton's boyfriends
  • Just flat-out jerks
  • Pompus rappers (Can't even speak English, and all of a sudden they think they are the greatest man in the universe, and we know who that award goes to.)
  • Anything insignificant Geraldo Rivera says that insults John Stewart or Stephen Colbert.

edit Quotes

Here are some of life's great lessons which I, myself, abide by.

“I rode the bull at Chili's and bust my face.”
“Yipper Dipper Ripper Stripper.”
“There's only one LeBaren, Freddy.”
800px-Flag of India svg This user is Indian.
He can only talk in English and C++.
(List of Indian Uncyclopedians)

Just so you know, I'm not really Indian. I just decided to put that there to throw off internet stalkers. Oh, shit, did I just say that?
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