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For the Gravitational Anomaly article. Again, duh.

edit User Page Stuff

User page of Palsworth, Esquire. I live in the bunghole of the Midwest, enjoy only music that is good, and think highly of places more than 300 miles from me. That's about all the personal information I'm going to dispense right out; the rest you'll have to infer for yourself from the stuff I write. Good luck.

edit What I Done

Origins SLC, Utah, USA
Years Active 1988Present
Genre(s) Post Rock
Labels The Best One, Obviously
Members Just me, thanks.
Former Members {{{former members}}}

edit Give me a Job

If you live in SLC, UT, and are willing to dispense employment to somebody you just read the stupidity of on the internet, of all places, throw me an email. I know this is kind of a long shot, but hell. Maybe it's worth it. (I swear to God I'm not some crazy bastard who spends all day on the Internet, contrary to all appearances.)

edit People are Idiots, Numbers are Big

Here is a longish rant I posted a while back.

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