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Artist's Conception of Our Predicament

Really, it all started yesterday when the guys next door bought themselves their own quantum black hole. Suddenly, the east wall of our building becomes the floor and there we, standing on the portraits of famous journalists and the like. They really have gone too far this time.

edit Life with the Anomaly

I guess we'll just have to live with it. Mild histeria over the fact that no one can get home anymore, as doing so would require the climbing of miles of cliff face or dropping roughly the same distance. I guess we'll just have to live at work, though Stevens joked that this was hardly a change for him.

edit Day 1

Barbara accidently walked off the side of the building, fell hundreds of feet into a telephone booth. Well, that's one less mouth to feed. We've been living off the snack machines, but that doesn't feed us very well. Luckily, someone had mailed in 300 mangos for some reason. Too bad no one here likes mangos. Oh well.

edit Day 2

Chad has started digging a tunnel into the dirt our building was surrounded with. So far he's found the sewer line, a maintenance worker's foot and a whole lot of dirt. I think he's hoping to find a subway line; they could be a way to get around.

edit Day 3

Tonight we're going to camp out on the side of our building! Under the stars, and the rest of the skyline, really. This Gravitational Anomaly business really isn't that bad, is it.

edit Day 4

Well, the guys next door got rid of their black hole all of a sudden, while we're asleep. Luckily I was camped out nearer to the top of the building than most; they really made the most admirable landing pad, when all's said and done.

edit Life after the Anomaly

Now I have to get a new job, because the paper I worked for prior to the anomaly has no more employees now.

edit Final Lesson

Man Should Not Mess With What God Hath Wrought.

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