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Sometimes, Memes may become so popular that they actually merge to make a new form of "Epicness"

“Do I liek mudkipz? Umm...should i?”
~ Oscar Wilde on you and your creepy questions
“Obey Weegee? You mean like the photographer?”
~ Captain Oblivious on his encounter with Weegee
“Oh so you mean 9001 or more.”
~ Captain Obvious on his encounter with Vegeta

An Internet meme is a phrase, picture, or otherwise that has, for obvious reasons, become so popular around the internet that most regulars will instantly recognize it. Upon seeing these pictures or quotes, people may begin to LOL, ROFL, or even Roflcopter. Over 9000 people agree on this.[1]

edit Recognizing a Meme

Memes have many different shapes and forms, so there are a few ways to possibly tell for sure if what your looking at is a meme, or just something confusing and mildly funny. They are the following:

  • If you suddenly feel as if "Japanese Translators" are idiots.
  • If you are suddenly disturbed by Pokemon.
  • IF you suddenly want to kick someone.
  • If your eardrums and eye-balls start to burn while listening to a song.
  • If you suddenly want to smile in an awkward manner.
  • If you suddenly die from looking at a picture on the internet you have just looked at one of the following two memes. Weegee or Chuck Norris. But congratulations, both our honorable ways to die.

There are a few more, but these are the most common reactions to seeing a meme.

edit Examples of Memes

Since there are so many internet memes out there, Uncyclopedia cannot possibly name them all in one article. Only Chuck Norris can.[2]

edit Lolcats

Lolcats was one of the first internet memes. These adorable felines were captured by someone's camera at just the right moment; as a result they became the face of the popular site and are the cause of a massive IQ drop all over the English-speaking world. This actually made a whole new language that is commonly used by Talking Animals and Asians. This language is called engrish

edit Over 9000

Over 9000 is a phrase popularized by Dragon Ball Z character Vegeta while observing another man's power level during a fight. Although the power level of what is unknown. It may have been the power of his stupidity, his ugliness, or his homosexuality. Regardless, it fast became popular around the internet. By saying this simple phrase one becomes instantly cool and is promoted to "Uber1337" rank among their fellow internetees. However abusing this phrase and repeating over and over make others want to strangle you, so use this phrase sparingly.

edit Mudkipz

Do you liek mudkipz? Of course you don't, ever since the DeviantART staff made that April Fool's day prank and replaced everyone's default with a mudkip, lots of people hate the little guy. However, from all this mass hatred of it sparked some curiousity. Is there anyone out there who actually likes mudkips? Of course, this had to be translated into internet Semi-English by all the 12 year olds out there, who expressed their curiousity by saying, "so i herd u liek mudkipz." The search continues to this very day.

ummm dude....thats not the story. The story is about the dude humping a mudkipz doll in school. you've never hear of it?

edit Spartan Kick

edit Awesome Face

edit PedoBear

edit References

edit All your base are belong to us

edit Weegee

  1. See what I did there? I used "Over 9000" in a sentence! Isn't that funny?
  2. Hah! Chuck Norris. Man, this is comedy gold.
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