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Don Roberto "Juan Carlos Valderrama Burrito" Trujillo was raised by gorillas that taught him how to play bASS, immigratin to the USA illegaly on the back of a burro/his brother ... his mother seniora helena de la cruz was born between the mexican border and the magical kingdom of USA which leaves the US govement with the doubt whether he is american or mexican or even jordanian since his grand papa used to be mohhamed la rajja's bitch his bigpapi was also from mexico or so he says... he used to spend all day eatin tacos and burritos with enchiladas with some hummus and fulaful and even some baba ganouj lolwht??

early life in music used to play with some mexican refugees in the neighbourhood(BARRIO)when all of a sudden ozzy osbourne saw his amazing bass skill(bASS tapping) he was kinda of like micheal angelo batio he played 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,00.1 bass notes in 1.22548 millenium ..learning his amazing bass moves from gorillas themselves he was recruited as james hetfeild's bottom bitch anyway... since he joined metallica its coolness has been goin down like the US economy (not funny).

Life as Ozzy Assbourne's homo bitch... SHAROOOOONN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went poopoo: "Ozzy on Sharon"

gorillo became really good at slapping the ass i mean BASS...after the old metalica bassist rage-quit the band, dave mustaine was really happy when he heard that metallica was almost as its end... making inspirational lyrics with his SUPER RARE AMAZING VOICEEEEE!!

EXPLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWOOOOOOOOOODEEEEE!!! ...dave mustaine after robert gorilos national food a.k.a... burritos with tacos and enchiladas

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