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edit Cock of duty : Modern ass raping 2

Cock of duty is a first person shooter that can make any 10 year old turn into a marine and have the ability to plant claymores in less than a second. Basically you play as chuck norris, the only man that can survive getting shot with and intervention sniper rifle and live and you go around the world disarming bombs by tapping a few buttons back and forth.

edit Single player

You start off with an a angry drunk guy yelling at you giving u instructions on how to look in a direction and look down the sight of a gun. Next you get to run through a chuckie cheeses play tunnel with machine guns shooting at children and you get timed on how fast you can do this, also you need to wear a armadillo mask.

edit Multiplayer

Cock of duty is mostly about the multiplayer, where little kids can scream phrases like "can u let me get a nuke" "wana boost?" and "hey wheres the mp40??" . In online mode you can choose what weapons and perks you have wich is similar to subways "have it your way", its gives little kids freedom, freedom of all the ass beatings they usualy get for talking about the game at school 24/7.

edit Perks

edit Perk 1

Marathon - You turn into a kenyan Sleight of Hand - You jack off at lightning speed Scavenger - Trashpicking like never before Bling - you turn into a douchebag rapper, usually causes everyone to leave the game One man Army- Switch condoms in the middle of a fucking

edit Perk 2

Stopping power - Penetrate that ass with more force Lightweight - Slimfast Hardline - Your dick gets hard as steel, nobody can escape it Cold blooded - You turn into the geco from the Geico commercials Danger close Your jizz becomes explosive

edit Perk 3

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