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In gordon freemans early years he was playing a video game called: plumbers don't wear ties and after playing it became tramatized and could not talk after wards eversince then people will talk to him but have no response for some odd reason someone once said"just shut up" whene he was escaping black mesa after stealing someone's lunch.

edit Half-life role

Gordon freeman starred in a hiddin camrea movie called half-life in which while he was asleep people planted a camrea on his face and made his labratory explode and made the millitary try and kill him he escaped and went to city 17

edit Half-life 2 role

After the events of episode 1 of this funny tv series he went to city 17 and actors became combie in which he was knocked out and rescued by a hot swim suit model who he tryed to kiss in which the modle shot his in his knee he beat her with a crowbar and went on with his life killing combine and then they met up agian the series will continue in episode 1 the continue of half life 2

edit Info

Name:gordon freeman Job:physicst/asshole Wepon of choice:crowbar Freinds:none Age:25-unknown Arch enemey:his brother gordon frhoman Date of birth:852 B.C. Place of birth:Your house Hobbies:updating my space hitting things with his trusty crowbar know as the asshole bar picture:


edit relitives

he has many brothers such as:gordon frhoman,gordon this and that you know look it up for full list

edit extrnal links

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