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edit Re:PF4Eva

by PF4Eva (December 14, 2009 13:44:32)
UPDATED Mon Dec 14 2009 14:20:03

Thank you for your kind words, zeroevildarkcool. [smile]

I've had a few more ideas lately. While I've been writing my other screenplays (one a horror/slasher, the other a quirky comedy), I've brainstormed a few tweaks to my prologue (which has been the trickiest part of my story to pull off right). I'm thinking of not using Ivan Ooze for this part and saving him for Part 3, The White Ranger.

I would make Zedd and Rita (Bandora) the villains from the very start instead of being Rangers; those two Ranger spots would be occupied by a girl named Martia (Not Marcia or Marsha) and a boy. I wasn't sure if a human Zedd would work, no matter what I did with it. Plus, it would be damn near impossible to imagine Zedd speaking in any other voice than that of Robert Axelrod... that voice is just too iconic. That's like (adult) Michael Myers without the mask.

The prologue (and a few other key scenes) would be shot in IMAX 70mm (1.44:1) while the rest would be Panavision 35mm (2.35:1 aspect ratio).

I'm trying to think of how to rework the dialog so that it's not "on the nose" or too "expository." However, the original show used such dialog extensively, and I need to find a good balance. It's gonna be pretty fucking tough, but I'll find a way.

As for casting Ivan Ooze in [i]The White Ranger[/i], I'm considering my options. I'm looking at skilled actors (Christopher Plummer, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, legendary and/or British actors, Academy Award-winning actors, etc.).

But I am also looking for somebody who's tall. Daeg Faerch is about 5'10" [As of November 16, 2010, he is 6 feet tall], so Tommy's gonna need villains in the 6- to 7-foot range. I've GIMP'd an image of Brad Garrett as Ooze, and the eyes work for me. He's 6'8 1/2", and that's pretty fucking tall. I don't know how he'd handle this kind of role, though. I want whatever actor to play Ivan Ooze straight, underplay the role. Do what Heath Ledger did with the Joker (except not die, or course... RIP Heath).

Also, would you guys welcome with open arms... Kane Hodder as Goldar? Kane is best known for his tenure as Jason Voorhees. Or character actor Joe Morton [Might have had the wrong actor??] as Finster (if I decide to still use him)?

Oh, and one more update. I am considering a Halloween II (2009 film) backlash as far as which actors or crew members are hired -- nobody who had anything to do with Rob Zombie's H2 following the NEVER-should-have-happened Young Michael Myers (Daeg) recast and eventual replacement with that poser Chase Wright *cough*Wrong*cough* Vanek. Accordingly, Kimberly might end up NOT being Scout-Taylor Compton after all, but instead Isabelle "Esther" Fuhrman from Orphan. I might drop the idea of Tyler Bates co-writing the score, and just having Danny Elfman.

I think that's all the updates I have for now. May the power protect you.

In all seriousness, the movie FAILED because of Daeg's absence.

edit Re:PF4Eva

by PF4Eva (Wed Jan 13 2010 14:56:19)

Happy 2010, everybody! [party]

I can't believe how long it's been since my last update. I am still thinking of ideas in my head for my various projects.

I've come up with some great plot twists for my horror slasher Leap Year, which may also need to be retitled to avoid confusion with the Amy Adams romantic comedy of the same name ( There's also already a South Korean horror movie called February 29th ( so I'm thinking of alternate titles such as:

Leap Year: February 29th Leap Day Leap Night Leap

Just in case I can't call it Leap Year.

My quirky comedy I haven't worked on in a while, but it's some great, funny stuff. Daeg will totally get a kick out of the story and the main character I want him to play. He'd laugh his ass off at the absurdity and the surrealism. I could definitely see Daeg Faerch playing Carl Marx (not to be confused to Communist Karl Marx [laugh]).

And as for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, my local ABC affiliate still is not airing any Power Rangers shows. What a pissoff. I haven't even seen anyone post them online on YouTube or anything. All I've seen is the new intro, which looks kickass, but the "Go Go" in the background is a bit ridiculous.

I'm thinking that Kimberly should be played by Scout-Taylor Compton, Kristen Stewart, or Isabelle Fuhrman. I could definitely see Kristen as Kimberly. She's very good in the Twilight movies so far, and she and Scout are gonna be in that Runaways biopic movie. A movie like that would probably help me forgive Scout for returning in the Daeg-less Halloween II, which has just been released on DVD and Blu Ray (Don't know how much Daeg is on the discs, if any).

I am contemplating whether or not to keep Finster. He was a cool character, but I'm not sure he really works in my vision. Is he scary enough? I had the same issue with Squatt and Baboo and knew from the get-go that they wouldn't work in my reboot. I'm thinking instead of ______________________________, that Goldar should be introduced in a different, and scarier, way, which I'm not gonna give away here.

In the prologue, I'm thinking of holding off on Ivan Ooze until The White Ranger, just like Batman Begins didn't stick the Joker in it until they alluded to him at the end of the film, setting up The Dark Knight. I want Christopher Walken to play Ivan Ooze in the third film.

The villains in the prologue of Part 1 will be none other than Lord Zedd and Rita Bandora (refraining from the last name Repulsa). Also, Zedd might not be human at all in the film; I thought humanizing him might make him less terrifying... I didn't wanna risk butchering such an iconic, classic villain. I wanna give Zedd and Goldar their balls back, so to speak. I want them to scare the crap out of moviegoers, not be some bumbling guys in suits. Ditto the Putties.

Taking Zedd and Rita's places as Rangers will be a girl named Martia (guess what planet she's from?) and Kern (named after the last name of an old classmate of mine who was a huge PR fan like me back in the day).

Just in case I can't convince the amazing Malcolm McDowell (btw, finally saw A Clockwork Orange and loved it!) to do the film -- because he generally doesn't like big special-effects movies -- Vlad Darkshadow is getting a makeover, and a better, less cheesy name. Orson Black could easily be played by McDowell or Johnny Depp.

Wow... I've said a mouthful. I think that's all the updates for now.

In all seriousness, the movie FAILED because of Daeg's absence.

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edit Re:PF4Eva

by PF4Eva (Sun Jan 31 2010 15:41:02)

I have seen the future of cinema... and it's name is [[Avatar]. That film is spellbinding in 3D with the aspect ratio 2.35:1. James Cameron has done it again! Cameron is virtually incapable of making a bad movie. This real[ly] is a MUST SEE movie. If you miss this movie, you're gonna need your pulse checked stat. There's no excuse. This will definitely be a Blu-ray purchase for me. (if only they'd release the 3D version already)

Speaking of Blu-ray, my birthday was Thursday (January 28), and I made out like a fucking bandit with a Blu-ray player and some Blu discs. We gave it a demo with Disney/Pixar's Up (not watching the whole thing, just taking it out for a test drive)... and I was in awe. I immediately saw the difference between upconverted DVD and Blu, as far as PQ goes; SQ will have to wait until the home theater surround sound system gets fixed.

I have been writing the hell out of my slasher screenplay, taking it in many different directions while telling an interesting story. I also came up with a great idea on how Halloween could be rebooted. The thread about it can be found here:

I have been thinking that it would be interesting to incorporate 3D into any of my MMPR installments, based on the fact that I loved Avatar and the way Jim used 3D to serve the story and not vice versa. It would be an interesting thing to do -- Panavision 2.35:1, plus IMAX, plus 3D.

Nothing really new with my MMPR reboot itself, but hopefully I can convince Disney and/or its Touchstone or Hollywood Pictures division(s) that it would be a great investment. We fans deserve this reboot; I deserve to make it; Daeg Faerch deserves to be a kickass Tommy; Anthony Hopkins deserves to be an Oscar-caliber Zordon; Kane Hodder would be terrifying as Goldar.

In all seriousness, the movie FAILED because of Daeg's absence.

edit Re:PF4Eva

by TrickyDicky007 (Mon Feb 1 2010 10:09:06)

[T]o be honsest, I thought the 3-D in Avatar was pure shite. The film itself was awesome, but the 3-D was a waste of money in my opinion.

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edit Re:PF4Eva

by PF4Eva (Wed Feb 24 2010 18:30:27)

Sorry for the lack of updates lately.

There's not really anything new happening with my Power Rangers reboot, mainly because I don't know where I stand legally. I don't know if I'm allowed to prepare my script and then pitch it to them, or do they have to hire me first?

In the meantime, my Leap Year horror-slasher film has taken some great twists and turns and I'm up to page 71 so far. I'm trying to get it to about 90 pages for a 90-minute film. I've been working on the musical score, and it sounds terrifying. It goes from threatening to mysterious, and then back. Influences on the theme music -- Halloween, Friday the 13th, Psycho, and Jaws. The music is keyboard-based, and I'm thinking of incorporating Chopin's "Funeral March" where I see fit, maybe Bach's "Toccata and Fuge in D Minor."

That's about all I'm working on now. I haven't done much work on my quirky comedy as of late because I'm too involved in my slasher.

I have plenty more original ideas that I'm thinking would make great movies.

That's all the updates I have for now. Keep your eyes peeled.

In all seriousness, [Halloween II (2009)] FAILED because of Daeg's absence.

edit Re:PF4Eva

by PF4Eva (Thu Apr 1 2010 16:33:36)

Looks like somebody beat me to it! Look who's taking on his own vision for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!

HOLLYWOOD, California -- Visionary director Christopher Nolan has plenty of meat on his plate as it is. Not only are he and brother Jonathan writing the third Batman movie in the rebooted franchise, but Nolan is also supervising a reboot of DC's other superhero icon Superman.

Now, has learned that the Batman Begins and Dark Knight director has been busy crafting a reboot of the popular 1990s TV series, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

"This is a bloody exciting project," he says. "I used to watch the program with my son when he was just a lad... back when it was good. I want to make it good again."

Playing the role of Green Ranger Tommy Oliver will be popular teen actor Daeg Faerch. Faerch's credits include Rob Zombie's Halloween remake (2007), Hancock (2008), TV's Pushing Daisies, the independent thriller Dark Mirror (2007/2009), and the upcoming thriller Sebastian (2010), set for an April 22 release date.

"This is so exciting and fun," Faerch says. "This film is going to make massive amounts of money and show Rob Zombie and Chase Vanek not to [screw] with me again."

In March 2009, the news broke that Faerch had been fired from Halloween II by its arrogant and ignorant director, Rob Zombie, due to a puberty and growth spurt that nobody except Rob was ever going to notice. This sparked the outrage of every reasonable person on the face of the earth, without exception. Rob Zombie does not count as a reasonable person. At all.

This one major mistake resulted in an incoherent laughingstock of a film that nearly bankrupted The Weinstein Company, LLC. The DVD and Blu-ray, distributed by SONY, have yet to sell significant proportions.

Faerch added, "I hope [Zombie] is locked in a room without food or water. No television. No computer. No means of technology or entertainment. No bed. No nothing. I want him to stare at pictures of me plastered on the walls, floor, and ceiling as punishment for what he did to me. Then, I want him to burn in hell for recasting me. Karma is a bitch, isn't it?" He then laughed mock-villainously.

Taking on the role of Zordon will be Sir Anthony Hopkins, whose 16-minute performance as Hannibal Lecter earned him an Academy Award for Best Actor in Silence of the Lambs.

Rita Repulsa (here renamed Bandora) will be played by Maggie Gyllenhaal. Fans will be excited to learn that Mark Ginther will return as Lord Zedd with Robert Axelrod providing the voice yet again.

Playing the role of Red Ranger Jason Lee Scott will be frequent Academy Award winner Tom Hanks. Blue Ranger Billy Cranston will be played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Black Ranger Zack Taylor will be played by Morgan Freeman. Pink Ranger Kimberly Hart will be played by Julia Roberts. Yellow Ranger Trini Kwan will be played by Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Nolan did not confirm who the "monster of the week" would be, but it is rumored to be Daniel Day-Lewis as The Grumble Bee (or Bumble Beast). "I don't wanna tell you too much too soon."

The film is sheduled for a 2011 release.



APRIL FOOL'S!!!!! [party]

Seriously, though, not much is new with my REAL MMPR reboot. I just wanted to bump up my thread and lived the place up a bit. Happy April Fool's Day, everybody! [smile]

In all seriousness, [Halloween II (2009)] FAILED because of Daeg's absence.

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edit April Fools? No, the real McCoy

by PF4Eva (Mon Apr 5 2010 17:18:06)

This whole thing is a really bad April Fool's Joke right? One that's been going on for years apparently.

WHAT??? [bigeek] Who said anything about this being a joke? Let alone "one that's been going on for years (apparently)?"

The post I made about Nolan directing MMPR and beating me to it was intended as an April Fool's joke to bump up this thread (since nothing was happening at the moment), and also to liven the place up a bit. That part of it was a joke, just like the "news" that Tim Burton was replacing Nolan on Batman 3. ( tman-3-depp-to-star-as-riddler). The same reason Google changed its name to Topeka. The same reason YouTube did that TEXTp shit where videos were converted to text.

I am dead serious about this REAL proposed MMPR film trilogy. I am ambitious; I'm always coming up with bigger and better ideas as I work through it. I have wish-list actors I'd love to see take on these roles and give us a completely no-BS Mighty Morphin Power Rangers masterpiece, or three.

I'm certainly hoping your post was an April Fool's joke, AwesomeSauce92, because my vision most certainly isn't.

In all seriousness, [Halloween II (2009)] FAILED because of Daeg's absence.

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edit April Fools? No, the real McCoy (2)

by PF4Eva (Mon Apr 5 2010 17:38:46)

That's weird. Where di[d] my post go? [confused] Just in case my original post never sees the light of day again, I'll repost it...

This whole thing is a really bad April Fool's Joke right? One that's been going on for years apparently.

WHAT??? [confused][bigeek][laugh] This is far from a joke. This is the real deal right here. What makes you think this is a "really bad April Fool's Joke right? One that's been going on for years apparently?" I'm deeply offended. I couldn't be any more serious about taking a no-BS approach to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I grew up with this show and I only want the best out of it.

This is serious. This is the real deal. This is the real McCoy. I'm ambitious. I'm always coming up with bigger and better things.

Obviously your post was the April Fool's joke? [wink]

In all seriousness, [Halloween II (2009)] FAILED because of Daeg's absence.

edit April Fools? No, the real McCoy

by PF4Eva (Mon Apr 5 2010 17:50:06

so it was an april fool's joke?

Nolan, big yes (joke). PF4Eva, no (Real deal).

In all seriousness, [Halloween II (2009)] FAILED because of Daeg's absence.

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edit April Fools? No, the real McCoy (2)

by TrickyDicky007 (Tue Apr 6 2010 04:53:09)

no need to be harsh AwesomeSauce92

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edit April Fools? No, the real McCoy (2)

by TrickyDicky007 (Tue Apr 13 2010 15:42:14)

I agree there. if it was gritty and gory disney wouldn't allow it.

Alcohol: The Cause of, and Solution to, all of life's problems. Homer Simpson

edit Re: PF4Eva

by accoraldivad25 (Fri Apr 16 2010 13:33:05)

I bet Chris Rock would make a good Zack

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edit Re: PF4Eva

by PF4Eva (Sun Jun 6 2010 10:21:32)

Chris Rock is way too old to play Zack, unless you have one hell of a special effects artist, maybe Lucas-certified.

I felt the need to bump this thread because on May 20, I hit the three-year mark. [party] But I've been so busy (re)writing/polishing a totally different screenplay. The first draft of Leap Year I have grown to hate and find to be pure bullshit ...and needless to say, it's gotten a LOT of negative reviews on the Shop Talk Writers board. So I'm re-working Leap Year, watching/studying different movies (Namely the ORIGINAL 1978 John Carpenter Halloween, but also 1981's Halloween II, studying Hitchcock, etc.) to get some kind of inspiration. I don't want to rip off any of these movies, I just want to be inspired by them. This is a love letter to horror and slasher movies of old.

I've also been experimenting with how I'm gonna get the dramatic blue lighting, a la Halloween. I've used a regular (large) flashlight and sat it on the floor with a light blue piece of paper over the white light... and it works just fine. All I need is more light and more blue "filters" to enhance the effect and add to the creepiness of the cinematography.

Back to the subject of my planned MMR reboot: I have had an interesting choice for director only just recently... the legendary Ennio Morricone. I love The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly Theme and The Ecstasy of Gold from GBU. It hit me when I caught GBU during TCM's Eastwood 80th birthday marathon. What a classic spaghetti Western, starring Clint Eastwood, directed by Sergio Leone, and music by Ennio Morricone. That music is iconic. I wonder what he could do for Power Rangers.

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edit Re: PF4Eva

by PF4Eva (Thu Jun 10 2010 16:34:41)

Out of boredom (and since I hadn't already done it), I have created a prototpye for the White Ranger costume for the third film. It took some mad GIMP skills, but I managed to turn the Dark Knight Batsuit into the White Ranger costume that I hope is projected onto huge theater screens in 2.35:1 aspect ratio (plus big IMAX scenes).

White Ranger (masked)

Daeg Faerc as White Ranger Tommy (unmasked) ed).jpg

How do you guys like? I hope you do, because it took a lot of hard work and getting proportion sizes right. Probably the toughest thing was getting the suit to look white enough. Then making the insignia and cuffs the right size.

Other than that, not much happening at the moment with the reboot.

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edit Re: PF4Eva

by PF4Eva (Fri Jul 23 2010 16:11:01)

It's been a long time since I kept you guys updated.

I've put Leap Year on hold so that I can write a different screenplay that I could shoot right now. Since I'm strapped, I have a great idea with a piss-poor "budget" (or lack thereof) using camcorders and non-union actors and crew who would be working for free. It's the best I can do as of late.

Leap Year requires a budget -- at least enough money for Panavision cameras, anamorphic lenses, Steadicam/Panaglide, 35mm film, and decent-enough mics and lights. Unfortunately, it's not within my means at this time. Shooting it on my digital video camcorder would not do it justice at all; it MUST be shot on film. It MUST be 2.35:1 aspect ratio (anamorphic). It needs to look as professional as possible.

Higher up on the budget scale... I've been coming up with ideas among the three MMPR film screenplays. I've been writing The White Ranger quite a bit lately (in addition to my literally zero-budget Chupacabra camcorder cheapo). I've come up with a big, grand, 6-minute opening scene that would be filmed in (real) IMAX (1.44:1 aspect ratio), black and white with a color accent on Ivan Ooze.

Tommy and Kim would have a special song, "Open Arms" by Journey. I'm thinking Jon Hamm would make an interesting Lt. Jerome Stone.

Inception 7.16.10

edit Re: PF4Eva

by PF4Eva (Thu Aug 19 2010 10:28:56)

Since I last updated this thread, my Documents folder somehow got deleted, and I have had to rewrite my screenplays from scratch. Dammit. And I was up to the big reveal in Leap Year, of the killer's identity, in the third act.

I'm focusing on my three most important screenplays --

Chupacabra -- Zero-budget and could be shot as soon as I finish writing.

Leap Year -- My first film with a (super low) budget; Panavision cameras; 35mm film (anamorphic); 2.35:1 aspect ratio; (maybe) non-union or FiCore actors.

Carl Marx -- My first film to use any SAG actors (using one of those SAG Indie agreements that doesn't screw anybody over). Daeg Faerch needs to play the title role. I'm thinking it would be cool to have John Cusack or Fred Savage play Carl as an adult, narrating the story.

-- as a priority. But I'm also doing some work on my dream projects (based on properties to which I don't own the rights), writing "blueprint" screenplays to guide me when writing the official commissioned screenplays.

Not only do I have the MMR[R] reboot trilogy in mind, but I also have in mind a 20th anniversary reunion of the MMPR Rangers. Hopefully, whoever is willing to return does. It would have Jason, Zack, Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy (all of whom are supposed to be 40) reunite for the first time since 1994 to fight off Lord Zedd, who has returned to his evil ways. It would be dark and serious, and plus, they'd get to swear. Deaths of actors would be acknowledged by leaving their roles vacant and mentioning their characters' deaths. So that means:

1. Zordon is (still) dead. (Bob Monahan) 2. Ernie is dead; Bulk and Skull own the juice bar, which still bears Ernie's name as a tribute. (Richard Genelle) 3. Trini (Thuy Trang) is dead, and the Rangers are unwilling to have Aisha fill her spot, as it would be disrespectful to Trini. I'm thinking, however, of maybe inserting archive footage of her inserted into a scene with the other five rangers together, showing she is still there in spirit. 4. Rita (Machiko Soga) and Rito (Bob Papenback) are dead.

I know I'm very ambitious. [laugh]

Inception 7.16.10

edit Re: PF4Eva

by PF4Eva (Wed Sep 29 2010 14:52:02)

Wow. I can't believe it's been that long since my last update. [bigeek]

I'm still working on writing Chupacabra and adding the finishing touches to the character in Blender. Lots of blood, sweat, and tears put into it! He might need a new set of legs because his toenails are not connected to his body.

Nothing really new happening with Leap Year or Carl Marx. But I have bee[n ]thinking about tweaking my MMPR screenplay a tad. The character name Vlad Darkshadow doesn't really work anymore. I'm thinking of having a villain to spoof Disney.

I still want Malcolm McDowell to play some kind of villain in it, but I would cut down on actors from Rob Zombie's Halloween films, seeing as H2 was a complete trainwreck, even though it was better than I thought it would be. Daeg Faerch as Tommy is still a prerequisite to these films being made, and Danny Trejo IS the astronaut Buzz.

But Scout-Taylor Compton is so closely associated with both RZ Halloweens (and H2 was so hated) that it would be better to find a different Kimberly. I thought Ashley Bell was great in The Last Exorcism, and Saoirse Ronan was good in The Lovely Bones. Or what about Jocelin Donahue?

Ashley Bell bellAsheley.jpg

Saoirse Ronan saoirse_ronan.jpg

Jocelin Donahue TFF+2009+Portrait+Studio+DIRECTV+Tribeca+Press+09_j4vwt3Yul.jpg

Although I had been considering Noah Crawford for the role of Jason, his teeth look a bit awkward for the role... or any role for that matter.


Going by physical appearance, Chace Crawford would be a better choice. But I don't know about casting too many famous or quasi-famous actors. If I could find an actor with the DNA of Noah Crawford, Chace Crawford, and Robert Pattinson, that would be a big help for Jason. [laugh]

I'm still stumped on Billy, but something will eventually work out.

That's all the updates I have for now. [smile]

Inception 7.16.10

edit Re: PF4Eva

by PF4Eva 32 seconds ago (Mon Nov 22 2010 10:52:45)

I'm still busy bringing my visions to life. I found this fully-rigged biped character that I am modifying in Blender to use as the Chupacabra. I added shape keys to the face to close his mouth and lower his eyebrows. I may add another shape key to make him breathe.

I've done a little more work on Leap Year, the opening scene has a great exchange of lines, a great conversation between two cops.

Carl Marx is coming out just fine. I recently GIMP'd an image of Daeg with a bad 80s perm, a hawaiian shirt, and blue jeans. Behind him is a white background with the title and a funny tagline.

As for MMPR, I'm still writing about the big event that happened 10 thousand years ago. I've been thinking of how the Rangers should disguise their voices a la Batman.

There are some actors from Savage County who might be able to fill some of the roles I have left vacant.

Bekah Graf as Kimberly MV5BMjE0NjkwMzAxOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDYzOTYzMg@@._V1._SX214_CR0,0,214,314_.jpg

Sinqua Walls as Zack 10126.jpg

Doug Haley as Billy Doug_Haley.jpg

Ken Luckey as Jason 10472.jpg

That would be an interesting cast. Just add Daeg as Tommy and Ahney Her (Gran Torino) as Trini and you've got yourself the new Power Rangers.

Inception 7.16.10

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