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Personal info

You're not gonna tell me you actually care, are ye?


The Hero Himself.

My contributions

  • Go play Zork 3 and choose "fly up" in the second menu. I made all that follows.
  • A few adds to the 100 worst TV programs, Movies, Pornstars, Videogames, Lists and Bands of all time. No, actually more. Can't quite remember.
  • Before half of the article had been deleted, I added some stuff to the soccer article (Don't get me wrong, I love football. That was exactly the reason I had to edit this page).
  • Yes, one entire quote on the Japanese page.
  • Article on Ashe, the FFXII-character. The first article I created entirely myself.
  • And after some edits to random pages, I created GameFakes.
  • Followed by Azumanga Daioh the next day (suprisingly, the article did not exist by the time I made it).
  • I tried something to help the list of things Prince has boinked article out, but I don't think it worked out (Reason was the fact that it was merely a list, so nominated for deletion. All text in the article is my creation.)
  • As you can see, the last link became inactive, it has indeed been huffed.

The Hero Himself finds Himself in a peculiar situation.

  • My cousin insisted I wrote an article on Brown sheep. Can't say it's awesome, but I made it (what's more, 3 seconds after creating the page, I got tagged NRV). The page seems to have redeeming value by now, the NRV tag was deleted.
  • More to come: adds to Jan Peter Balkenende, and a new page: God's Policy on Extraterrestrial life on Planet Earth.
  • Nah, I first started the article Stupid music, which I finished and made a full article July 12.
  • I never finish my projects. So I made my first template. It's not funny. I'm just proud I made one in the first place.
  • And then I made up two others: Template:Future event, and Template:Gay (both were already in my articles, but hadn't become fully fledged templates yet).
  • Template no5: Template:DutchUser. Similar to AmericanUser and BritishUser, users from the Netherlands can put this on their userpage. I hope more than 2 users I gathered till now will use this template for they will be automatically added to Category: Dutch Users (by me, too).
  • To be honest, I wanted to have Demo tape deleted, even though a friend of mine made it, but I thought I'd rather make it a little funnier myself. So, I kinda wrote that article, too. May I advise you not to click the link?
  • Right, someone moved the AzuManga Daioh page, the capital M seemed to have bothered him. Whatever, the old page still remains, but for those interested, here is exactly the same page again: Azumanga Daioh (Now I have two links to the same article at my userpage. Like, how lame can you get?).
  • I huffed my first template. Sheesh, how bad that one was. And ugly. But most of all: not funny. Bwergh.
  • Ehmmm.... what about Oprahmu? Come on, I know you're laughing!

pika-X This user only speaks Pikachu enough to seduce native Pikachu speakers.
fur-E This user only speaks Furry because it was a required course in school.
ja-1 This user is able to contribute with a basic level of Japanese.
fh-N This user is a native speaker of Fuckhead.


“I kind of like this guy.”
~ Sun-Tzu on PBz0r

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