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[[Category:American animated television series]]
[[Category:American animated television series]]

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''''This article has been removed of all swears and curses by the CSA''''

“He is destructing our own youth.”
~ Obama on Sid the Science Kid
“In Soviet Russia, Sid the Science Kid watches YOU!”
~ Russian Reversal on Sid the Science Kid
“What the fuck?”
~ Sid from Toy Story on Sid the Science Kid
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Sid the Science Kid

Sid and his friends, I know, PRETTY GAY. Notice that Gabriella is staring at Sid, like she wants sex.

Gorbachev "Sid the Science Kid" Stalin is a douchey stereotypical self-proclaimed Kindergarten "Scientist". He goes to School in a San Diego slum district. He is known for asking the dumbest questions (i.e. Where did my little brother come from? How do I go pee? Why do I get erections?)

Also, you have to be pretty retarded not to figure out that he is somehow related to Bill Nye the Science Guy, I mean come on, their names sound the same and it's a show on PBS and it's also a show on Adult Swim.

Fact: The theme song of this show is a piece of crap, crappy enough to take down an elephant and Your mom

Don't be mean to him folks

Sid the Science Kid always asks questions that change the way we think of things. Even though he carries around a baby toy and does his pet dog when his parents aren't home, he is still a human being, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!! Let's not give him a hard time, he's still a retard, and a retard he'll be.

Controversial Episode

One episode was so scary, the PBS jerks thought it shouldn't air. Here is a fragment of the script.


Old Lady: Sid, breakfast time.


Sid: Where do babies come from?

It could go on, but we don't want it to get too revealing for all the snotty nosed brats little kids out there.


Sid with dog

This is why his parents don't trust him with dogs.

Gerald "Wierd Pink Kid": One of Sid's friends. He hates Michael Jackson after he sneaked into his room at night and " played" with him. He is currently a retard that thinks he is a rock star and has a very black accent.

Gabriella: The only straight female in the series that always questions Sid about his choice on beating up homos. She watches stupid television shows like Barney, Sesame Street, Cribz, and Bob the Builder. People still don't know why she gets into Sid's house.

May: The only Chinee person on the show. A ferrow resbian that made out with Chuck Norris and got hit in the head with Chuck's "chin fist"(which exprains why she is so retarded). Her catchphrase: Herro. I'm yerrow. Just rike Homer Simpson.

Zeke: Sid's baby brother that uses his feces as toys.Normally,he ejaculates on sid.

Teacher Suzie Hitler: Sid's teacher that likes children (as in, would put them before her, not anything sexual). She is Adolf Hitler's grandniece and likes to violate women in cripple stools, because we all know, cripples have to poo too.

Mort Stalin: Sid's dad that works on tenements in the slum district. He wears geeky overalls and talks with a Northern Californian accent. Sid hates him because he is Jewish.

Mrs. Mortina Stalin (nee Jackson): Sid's mom. She is a black Christian and drives Sid to school every f***ing day.

Michael Jackson: Sid's grandpa. Even though he is in jail after molesting that one kid, he is regularly seen on the series as a wierd guy on a Barbie television screen in Sid's room.

Mrs. Wilhelmina "Bitchy Jew" Stalin: Sid's Grandma that people think is a bitchy Jew because she always talks about "the good old days". She also picks up Sid and Gabriella for play dates.


The Usual Outlay

In a usual episode, Sid wakes up from after Gerald licking his penis and comes out of his closet like Barney Fife in High School. Then he talks about some gay thing that happened to him last time. Then he says, "How do I..." or, "Why does...". Then he eats a breakfast of Non-Kosher foods (which ticks off his dad) and goes to school.

After that, sid brings up what he wants to know in front of his teacher. They then do a freakin' gay experiment about penises and go outside and play a gay game. Then they start up "Good Laughternoon" where they tell f***ing gay jokes and play Sex Buddies. Then Susie Hitler sings about sex with her boyfriend last night and Sid's Grandma takes him home and tells him about her living in Siberia.

Then Sid comes up with a totally gay/already existing idea and says, "I am Sid, the SCIENCE KID!"

I know, pretty gay, huh.

List of Episodes

Season 1

    1. Sid's First Day of School: Sid goes to school. It's about time! Study learned: Sex
    2. Where's Gerald?: Gerald goes missing after sucking Sid's dick last night. Everyone finds him in a freak circus. Study learned: Dating
    3. Daddy's home: Mort goes to work and comes back home after working in the sweatshops. He then kicks Sid's ass so he can't crap. Study learned: Toilets
    4. Cockadoodledoo: Sid is awakened at night and sees Susie and Mae having lesbian sex. Study learned: How to get a pussy
    5. Lost At Sea!: Everyone who appeared on the show get lost on a cargo ship headded for Russia! Study learned: Loose lips might sink ships
    6. Lost At Sea! Part 2: Everyone is still stuck on that cargo ship,a few days later,Sid and his friends and family,are releaved that there is another way to get home,but they get on the wrong cargo ship that is headed for South America! Study learned: No new studies are learned in this episode
    7. Lost At Sea! Part 3: Sid's dad builds a plane to get everyone home,but the plane crash lands on Madagascar! Will Sid and the gang ever get back their beloved home? Study learned: How to fly a penis.
    8. Lost At Sea! The Finale: Everyone who appeared in the series finally gets home. Study learned: how to f*** water

Season Two


This is a segment of a beer commercial that aired alongside the Sid the Science Kid movie. evidently, PBS got drunk and wanted more beer, so they used this ad to get free beer. In other words, WTF?

    1. Sid the timelord kid: After watching a f***ing new episode of Dr.Who?, Sid and his pals build a time machine to go to the future, but they get arrested. Study learned: Don't watch Doctor Who.
    2. Back to the past!: Sid and his friends break out of jail and travel back to the past to save themselves from getting in trouble! Study learned: time travel
    3. To the f***ing future: The kids finally make it to the future! Study learned: Public Nudity.
    4. My Weird School: Crossover with the My Weird School book series: Sid and the gang get transferred to a new school,where things start to get weird. Study Learned: Why women have boobs.
    5. Sid The Science Kid: The Movie: everyone who appeared on the show stuck in Chile while sinking in quicksand.
    6. Penis wars: Sid licks Gerald's penis.
    7. Sid the Science Squid: Sid goes to the pool and thinks that he's a fish. He drowns and is brought back to life by scientists. Study Learned: You can't go swimming with a pig on your back.

Season 3

    1. Leaves: Sid jumps into a pile of leaves and is shot by Dr. Octagonapus and his Sibean f*** ray. Study learned: Don't s*** on leaves, Gerald.

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