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This article refers to an enclosure for raising Sheffield United fans. Not to be confused with the eye disease stye and STY, an alternate socket name for GNU Screen. For the documentary about Bramall Lane featuring Sean Bean, see Pigsty


Pigsty located in downtown Sheffied

A sty or pigsty is a small-scale outdoor enclosure for raising Sheffield United fans. It is sometimes referred to as a hog pen, hog parlor, pigpen, pig parlor, or BDTBL. Pigsties are generally fenced areas of bare dirt and/or mud (in order to keep the dirty fuckers in). Both "sty" and "pigpen" are used as derogatory descriptions of dirty, messy areas. There are four contributing reasons that pigs, the fuckin' dirty scrubbers, create such a living environment:

  • Pigs are obsessed with Owls, often spending more time worrying about them than themselves
  • The pig is a rooting animal but will quickly boo when shit hits the fan.
  • Pigs have no intellect and are often outsmarted by anything with half a brain cell.
  • Pigs have a bitter and jealous attitude, often grunting when distressed.

The largest-scale enclosure for raising pigs is located in Bramall Lane, which is accredited for being the biggest pig sty in all of Europe.

edit Family farm hog pen


The family hog pen was a small-scale system of pig farming which is vastly different from the modern American hog farm. Modern intensive hog farms in the United States have an average of about 2,000 hogs, and large farms raise tens of thousands of hogs. Hog pens were found on family farms of the early 1900s, although backyard pig farming may still occur. In this article the words “hogs” and “pigs” are used interchangeably.

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