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Hi. This'll be short as i don't do long anything. This is because i get bored easily.

edit Game Plan

Step 1: Create user account.
Step 2: Think about editing something then get scared at the prospect of getting banned if you suck
Step 3: ????
Step 4: Profit!

edit Proof that this is the lamest userpage ever

I'd have boxes but i couldn't get the code to work for some reason.
And thanks to staying relatively low (although that's a bad thing too), i have 0 blocks on my record (oops i just said it, now some admin's going to come and block me, sh#t :P).

Sorry bout this page being lame, like i said before i can't be bothered. You'll notice that my talk page is also collecting dust (mainly because i don't edit enough stuff and for that i can only say it's the same reason this userpage is so lame.

Maybe i should put it on VFD :P.

I don't like your profile, YOU DICK!

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