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A self-portait I painted of my future self.

Global Warming Indicator

edit General Info

  • 17 years old
  • Male
  • Connecticut resident
  • Founder of Elephant Thursday
  • Time Waster Extraordinare
  • Total Homo!

edit List of Achievements

  1. Elephant Thursday (new article + images)
  2. Augury (major rewrite + images)
  3. John Titor (mild rewrite + images)
  4. Doctor Zoidberg (minor rewrite + images)
  5. Super Troopers (new article + images)
  6. UnNews:Charleston_Sold_To_Google_Exec (new article + images)
  7. Jonestown (major rewrite + images)
  8. Beowulf (new article + images)

edit Current Projects

edit Favorite Pages

edit Fields of Expertise

Northeastern US plant taxonomy. LOL wood.

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