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edit Premise

Mass Effect is an interactive life-journey created by virgin conversationalists Bioware. One can play as Commander Shepard. He/she is a possible schizophrenic due to the fact that the player can save a bunch of settlers from evil robots, but an hour later is given the choice to commit atrocities equivalent to raping a box of orphaned kittens.

This problem stems from the fact that the game allows one to choose how certain events play out, but nothing that actually matters though. Commander Shepard can skull-fuck your mom and still be regarded as a fucking hero by the end of the game.

edit Reception


During the lesbian sex scene it sometimes helps to masturbate furiously.

Mass Effect sold relatively well with the inclusion of boobs

Oh, did I say boobs?

I meant to say there is lesbian sex in the game.

Oh, you want to go buy it now? Can't you wait till I'm done? No? Well, fuck you!

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