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One theory about the new Red Hulk

The Red Hulk came about after Marvel Comics decided to take The Incredible Hulk into a totally new direction. Marvel kept the details about the Red Hulk a secret until January 2008 when the new Hulk #1 Comic Book came out, and the general public learned the truth about the Hulk. That he is General Thunderbolt Ross!

edit Bruce Banner tries to cure himself of being The Incredible Hulk


General Thunderbolt Ross becomes a Hulk

Bruce Banner once tried to cure himself of being the Hulk and spun off a green and gray Hulk and turned Rick Jones into a Hulk. It seems as if anyone can get super powers with gamma ray radiation. Including General Thunderbolt Ross. Doc Samson, Rick Jones, Peter Parker, Bruce Banner, and others are accused of being the red Hulk.

edit Changes to the Hulk


The Red Hulk, so angry that he turns red and burns with fire

Bruce Banner and the Green Hulk are locked up in the gamma base, but a Red Hulk was seen smashing up Russia. Rick Jones became A-Bomb a blue version of the Abomination and fought Red Hulk.

The new Red Hulk likes to use guns, and seems to be intelligent. The old Green Hulk still uses his fist and seems to be dumb. Green Hulk is a liberal and a member of the ACLU, while Red Hulk is a Neocon and card carrying lifetime member of the NRA.

edit Red Hulk theories

  • The Skrull imitating the Hulk isn't red (that he knows), he's just a normally colored Skrull who thinks that he looks green right now. Just so happens that he has trouble with his reds/greens due to color blindness. Guess he shouldn't have lied during the examination when he joined the Skrull army.
  • Maybe the Red Hulk is none other then Major Talbot himself.
  • Maybe the Red Hulk is Noodle Head Ned Flanders?
  • Nah, Red Hulk is Bruce Banner. The blast at the end of WWH fundamentally altered him so now his rage becomes manifest as the Red Hulk. Red Hulk is a Psionic manifestation of the Hulks inner rage...or not.
  • Doc Samson = Red Hulk? If so, WHY!? Why would Loeb toss a monkey wrench into the Initiative by making one of the best characters into a generic baddie? Then again he did Ultimate Marvel issues, so why not just mess up The Hulk in the same way?
  • No no. It's actually gonna be the real Peter Parker. The one who thinks he's Spider-Man will actually be... a CLONE!*gasp* And Red Peter Hulk Parker (or maybe we should call him the "Scarlet" Parker... Scarlet seems right for some reason) will go back when Aunt May is dying (again) and meet clone-Peter and they'll fight and then become best friends and then the Goblin will kill the clone and the real Peter will make a deal with Mephisto to save the dying Aunt May and then he'll be married to Mary Jane again. But they'd never do something that stupid. Right? Like Maximum Cloneage or Ultimate Spider-Man?
  • I think most likely ‘Red Hulk’ will be Hulk’s ‘Super Sayen’ mode like on Dragon Ball Z. So he will be green until he gets really really angry which will make him red.
  • The Red Hulk is skilled with using guns, so I think he is The Punisher.

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