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“This is unadulterated claptrap and has no place in wikibooks. This article used the same weak reasoning employed by conspiracy theorists and mystics all over the world who want to portray themselves as the victims of interlerance. Well if being intolerant means sticking to high literary standards and employing reason instead of mysticism, then let us all embrace intolerance as a tool vital for staving off a return of the dark ages and delivering humanity safely into some kind of livable future. I'm very OPTIMISTIC and quite POSITIVE that mankind can improve himself by using reason and science, without resorting to re-branded witchcraft.”
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Psionics is known as mind over matter. John W. Campbell proposed the term "psionics", from psi (psyche) + electronics (machine), which implied that the powers of the mind could be made to work reliably.[1] It is easily confused for magic or miracles, but in this instance it is mind over matter like one's brain is a computer or electronic device that needs to be reprogrammed. In this case Psionics is a combination of biofeedback, imagination, thinking positive thoughts, psychology, philosophy, and other secular things.

It need not be religious like praying, casting spells, or meditation, that is optional, but rather this article was written so that religious things are optional so that Atheists, Agnostics, and Secular Humanists can find it useful without thinking about or using any supernatural being or thing to help out.

Many role playing games like Traveller and D&D have a version of Psionics in them that is rare. But in reality we often tend to be whom we think we are, and The Law of Attraction attracts negative or positive things to us in our lives.

This is therefore a development of a theory that the power of positive thinking can bring about positive benefits, as mental illnesses create negative thoughts and cause negative things to happen for mentally ill people. For Scientologists and people who don't believe in Psychology you can disregard the psychological aspect and substitute Dianetics or whatever you believe in as a substitute for Psychology.

edit How it Works

First a scientific experiment using the Scientific method, form a hypothesis that you will feel sad when saying negative things about yourself. Set up saying positive things about yourself as the control group. Use your reasoning skills and observe yourself in a mirror and notice if you smile or frown or feel sad or happy or some other emotion.

To conduct the tests, stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself and say negative things like "I am ugly", "I am stupid", "I am fat", "I am unattractive" and then notice your emotions and what you feel like after saying those things, notice your mouth and if it is a frown. Then stand in front of a mirror and say positive things like "I am good looking", "I am smart", "I am in shape", "I am attractive" and then notice your emotions and what you feel like after saying those things, and notice your mouth if it smiles. This is part of the scientific method the first test should yield results of being sad or negative emotions, and the control test should yield results of being happy or positive emotions.

This simple scientific test should prove to you or anyone else watching or observing that negative words or thoughts cause negative things and positive words or thoughts cause positive things.

edit How People Develop Illnesses

Ask a Doctor what a hypochondriac is and how worrying or having fears can make someone physically or mentally ill. This is an example of negative thinking. Negative thinking does negative things like lower the immune system or mimic physical or/and mental illnesses. TV shows like ER or House have a tendency to have people be afraid of developing the illness and sometimes real Emergancy Rooms have paitents complaining about the same symptoms they say on a medical TV show. [2] This is an example of hypochondriasis or psionic negative thinking causing negative reactions in the human body. As one thinks, one becomes or develops what one thinks. "Cogito, ergo sum" (English: "I think, therefore I am") by René Descartes who is correct about that.

edit How to Fight Negative Thoughts

Very much like a computer programmer, one must "debug" their thoughts and counter negative thoughts with positive ones. Using phrases like "Nix that" or "Cancel that" or "That is not true" as part of a debugging process to reject negative thoughts and then think up positive thoughts that say the opposite or something positive to replace the negative thoughts. Remember that doing this exercise will build up your self confidence and self faith in yourself and stir up positive emotions. You are building yourself back up, just as the negative thoughts had tore yourself down. This works as a mental exercise. To use a pop-culture phrase someone doing this is doing a bit of Ghostbusting and getting rid of their personal demons/ghosts according to religious people, or Thetans as Scientologists call them, or Phobias or Mental Illnesses according to Psychology, or bad thoughts according to non-religious people. Take your pick it all works the same way.

edit Using Imagination to Heal Oneself

Imagination is like another dimension, another universe, one that you the thinker can control. Fiction writers always create their own worlds that readers imagine as they read the fiction or watch the TV show or movie. This is an easy exercise, just imagine yourself in a peaceful quiet place. A place of no worries no fear, and nobody and nothing can bother you. Imagine something like a beach with white sand and blue green water that has no pollution and is very much like a paradise.

You are on vacation if you like you can have friends and/or family members with you, if they have died you can imagine they are still alive and are positive and love you and are still with you. Even if someone dies, their memories will still be a part of you and they can live on in your imagination. Imagine you are eating the food you love and drinking the drink you love.

You are doing activities that you love, be it surfing, boating, playing a video game, listening to music, all positive things. This should calm and relax your mind. It should lower your blood pressure and pulse rate and cause physical and mental illnesses to not affect you as much. Keep practicing that every day until you start to feel better and your mental and physical illnesses do not bother you as much. You are turning into a positive person instead of a negative one, and it will change you in positive ways and attract positive people and things to you.

edit The Skeptical Mind

Skeptics use negative thoughts, they often use doubt and disbelief this sometimes works against them. Self doubt and self hate can lead to mental and physical illnesses.

People who skeptics expose as frauds are really trying protect people from being ripped off, claiming that magic is not real. Most of the skeptics are Magicians themselves and make a living doing magic tricks and learned how the "frauds" do their magic. In a way palm readers, tarot readers, crystal ball readers, astrologers, and the like are very much the same as stage magicians, they do what they do for entertainment value. It is to make the customer feel good by saying something positive to them.

The people doing the readings might even believe it is real magic, but what it really is would be finding things or behaviors or properties that most people have in common and it is no different from a stage magician pulling a slight of hand. But even a skeptic should be able to understand that negative thoughts can get one into trouble or very sick.

This Psionic Mind Over Matter does not claim to be magic or a miracle, or even supernatural, but rather a theory of how the human mind works. It should be obvious to even a skeptic that positive thinking is much better than negative thinking, as stage magicians try to get the audience to think positive things, or happy thoughts and just enjoy the show. It is not about the money, it is about making people happy and entertained.

If people believe that the stage magician is doing real magic, it makes them feel good like they are witnessing something special. The so called "frauds" are trying to do the same thing, and if people believe the reading is real they feel good and are entertained. Perhaps that is how magic works, via belief and positive thoughts? It should only demonstrate to skeptics that positive thinking leads to positive results. No magic there, unless one imagines that it is magic. Remember to think positive and not negative thoughts.

edit Avoid being a Negative Person

Negative people think negative thoughts and feel negative emotions and cause more harm than good. This does not necessarily mean the person is evil, but rather has a negative personality. Most negative people suffer from a physical or mental illness or both that has them develop a negative attitude. Sometimes they had negative things done to them in the past and had much pain and suffering that caused them to become negative because nobody "saved them" from the pain and suffering. It should be known that life itself is full of pain and suffering, that is how human beings learn. For example if one touches a hot stove they burn their fingers, from that pain and suffering they should learn that they need to wear an oven mitt or pot holder in order to touch hot things on a stove or the stove itself. Sometimes people don't learn from their pain and suffering.

You will notice a negative person because they covet your possessions, try to lie and manipulate you to get what they want, flatters you to get what they want (bootlicking), or is a party animal with a lifestyle of drinking alcohol smoking cigarettes, gambling, doing illegal drugs and they try to force you to do what they are doing. Such a person has a negative attitude and has a big hole in their life they are trying to fill because of some great loss.

If this is you, please stop those behaviors and actions, as they only lead to self ruin. If you are really mentally and physically ill what arrogance to think that you can self-medicate and know the right dose better than a professional doctor? Seek professional help from a doctor for your illnesses instead of treating yourself, and learn to think positive. Try and reprogram your brain to take a bad habit and substitute a good habit for it. Like instead of smoking cigarettes, chew gum that cleans your teeth instead. Instead of drinking alcohol, drink tea or water instead as it is healthier.

Instead of doing illegal drugs, go to a doctor and get legal prescription drugs to treat your illness and follow the doctor's orders. If not you may be setting yourself up for a fall or an even more serious illness like cancer, heart attacks, strokes, etc. Life is all about moderation, too much of anything is bad, people need to learn to balance things out in their lives. Drugs should not be used for recreation and entertainment, they should be used to treat physical and mental illnesses and only then at the correct dose for the patient as prescribed by a doctor. Illegal drugs also ruin a person's income and support crime and drug lords and terrorists and other negative people.

Negative people buy as much stuff as they want, not just what they need, and as a result they cannot make car or house/apartment payments. They refuse to stick to a budget and call people who do stick to a budget as stingy and claim that not everyone will be able to stick to a budget. Such is negative thinking and the thinking of nonsense.

Most people live on a fixed income, and while they cannot increase their income, they can at least try to control their expenses so that those expenses do not exceed their income. The only situation that expenses exceed income should be due to medical bills, fixing your car/transportation, fixing your house, or some expenses that you cannot avoid. Which is why it is positive to pay your bills on time and build up good credit to take out loans or use credit cards as a negative person has poor credit from not paying their bills or taxes and thus will suffer financially as a result.

That is called negative financing, and it ruins local, state, national, and world economies. If a majority of the population can't pay their bills due to buying too many useless things of course the economy is going to keep getting worse and people will lose their jobs. Negative corporations are staffed by Classical Managers that are motivated by greed and ruin the economy as well as cheat people out of money by lowering the value of stock in their 401K, IRA, and pension plans.

What every economy needs is Positive People who pay their bills on time, Positive corporations with Positive Managers who balance budgets and maximize stock value and give the customers what they need and governments who can balance a budget and trim the pork spending so that it grows the economy instead of shrinking it. Negativism is global and it is harming the planet. Negative people waste resources and use more than they need to survive and live.

If you are a negative person, there is still hope for you and yes you can change into a positive person if you want to be positive. You have to want it with your willpower and passion, to stop whining and complaining about how unfair life has been to you. Yes life is unfair, and you have been the victim of somebody or group of some people or something, the best thing you can do is just stop being a victim and be a survivor instead. Say "I am not going to let this stop me from enjoying life and being positive." Instead of worrying that you're going to die or be in more pain and suffering, instead say "From this day forward, I will devote myself to being positive and make my own luck and happiness just by being positive and thinking positive."

Then don't just say or or think it, do it, do positive things, help yourself to heal and become better and learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others. It is alright to make a mistake, nobody is perfect, we all have DNA that has negative and positive things in them that make us who we are. We all have negative and positive inside of us, but we have to make an effort to be positive, but being negative is so easy to do it is so easy to just blame others for our own failings, mistakes, and misfortunes, but remember who the person was who made all of those decisions in your life?

Find your inner genius, find some skill or talent that you have a passion for and develop it into a career so that you do it better than most people. Success is the best revenge, not violence or hate or any other negative thing, instead build your career so you have a successful career, and let the negative people envy you as envy is a negative emotion, maybe a few of them might follow your example and be positive and successful as well? One can only hope.

It wasn't anyone else than you, even if someone else told you to do those things, you should learn that the only person in charge of making decisions is you. God/The Devil/Nature/Universe/Other People/Whatever it was that tempted you, are not you, and you are unique and have self-will to make your own decisions. If you made bad decisions you had negative consequences of your actions and behaviors, that should tell you to change and only make good decisions for good consequences by thinking positive instead of negative.

edit Become a Positive Person

Develop a positive attitude, at least try to smile. Think positive thoughts. Show compassion, mercy, kindness, forgiveness, all positive things to be willing to help people. Steady your life and avoid the substances show in the section above like illegal drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, etc. Be steady and loyal to your friends and family. Always give out good advice to those who ask you, don't try to help those who don't want help they will only resent you. Be sympathetic to other people, learn to use empathy and think about how your words, deeds, behavior, actions, etc will affect people before you do them.

As Stan Lee and Steve Ditko wrote in the Spider-Man comic book "With great power comes great responsibility, the greater the power the greater the responsibility." Take responsibility for your behavior, actions, and deeds. If you make a mistake, apologize and learn from it. It is alright to make mistakes, human beings learn from their mistakes and the mistakes of other human beings as well. Remember to not just think positive but be positive and release the good and release the awsome and be greatly amazing or amazingly great, and shine some light into the darkness.

Balance your checkbook, and stick to a budget, this applies for consumers, managers, government employees, corporate employees, non-profit employees, and even up to the national leader (President or Prime Minister, Congress, Parliament, Kings, Queens, etc) have positive finances and don't buy more than you need and don't waste anything. Live a good live and be positive, be a positive person and help others be more positive and be more responsible.

Remember that freedoms and rights are not free, and one can easily lose them by being illresponsible for their actions and behaviors and deeds. Being responsible is a positive thing that everyone should be able to agree on. Remember to respect other peoples' customs, religion or lack thereof, gender, race, color, age, sexual orientation, national origin, native language, disability or handicap, mental illness, physical illness, or opinions. Be open minded to new ideas as diversity is a positive thing that will help people learn about each other as people of different backgrounds have a lot to teach each other. But don't be so open minded that your brains fall out. :) Everything in moderation is the key here.

Be positive, think positive, do positive things, say positive things. Recycle yourself into a positive person. Only buy what you need to live and survive, and save money for when you really need it for medical bills, house repairs, car/transportation repairs, or buying a new kitchen appliance or something else after the old one breaks down. Help out the poor, homeless, naked, sick, mentally ill, physically ill, disabled or handicapped, the people that need help and ask you for help. Be a force of good by being positive, and you can help change not only yourself but maybe the world.

edit Classical Management and the Negative Leader

Classical Management uses negative re-enforcement to get employees to do their jobs. This creates a lot of stress and actually may be harmful to some employees who are mentally or physically ill, yet some employees seem to perform better under stress. It is the buggy and the whip method, treating employees like slaves, calling them bad names, threatening to fire them unless they do what you want them to do. The beatings will continue until morale improves. Sounds familiar?

In a pop culture reference it is like the Dilbert comic strip. But what about a Positive Leader, one that serves the employees and customers instead of being a tinpot dictator? Instead of the buggy and whip, this positive leader uses a carrot and a stick. Motivate the employees with positive re-enforcement. Offer them bonuses to get work done on time and with good quality. Offer prizes for the best ideas and suggestions. Reward employees with Pizza breaks or a celebration party for meeting deadlines and the company making a profit.

edit Servant Leadership and the Positive Manager

First serve yourself and meet your needs and work on your issues, and then serve others. Lead yourself to positive things and then lead others to positive things. A business or organization has to fill their customers' needs. Not just the people that buy the product or service but shareholders, managers, employees, the environment (be clean and don't pollute if you do pollute clean it up), society, the government (pay your taxes and follow all laws and rules), people who use the product or service (may not be the same as the ones who buy the product or service), the country, and the world. Meet all of those needs and as long as customers are happy, they will repeat their business with your company or organization and keep coming back to buy more because you satisfied their needs. That is poisitive leadership and business.

Downsizing is negative and it is usually mass firing of employees. A positive alternative and part of servant leadership is to instead do cost accounting and figure out which products and/or services cost more money to support than they bring in via revenue. Another way is instead of firing people allow them to work part-time and take a second job at another firm, or allow them to go on a sabbatical with reduced pay and a laptop and cell phone so they can still be contacted and they can finish college or help out a sick relative or go on a long vacation. Those will reduce expenses and allow the business to start to be profitable again instead of just firing people at random. Another way is to improve the quality of the product and/or service so that it costs less to support.

Customer service employees need to be friendlier and more positive and be willing to help the customer to fill their needs, and sometimes be able to offer a discount if they are unhappy or not satisfied, but beware of scam artists who prey on companies and always find something wrong so they can always get a refund. If the customer is a good customer and always keeps coming back, sometimes you can bend company policies or make them a priority over other customers because they have a good history of being a reliable and good customer.

If a business is having problems, why fire people who could help solve those problems? Anyone way to cut costs is by cross training employees for different jobs and have on the job training. That way if their position is downsized they can be moved to a different position they were trained for or can be trained for, and help the business out in a different way without being fired. Also employees who make mistakes shouldn't be fired if it was not on purpose. Only fire for breaking the law, or sexual harassment, or being violent at the work place, but do remember to use probation and warnings and suggest EAP (Employee Assistance Programs) for counseling or professional help if the employee's behavior and actions are harming others or affecting their job performance.

Stewardship, the positive manager teaches employees stewardship and acts as a mentor to them. Stewardship means the employees and managers manage the company and company property as if it was their own and take care of it. For example software CDs and DVDs are placed back into their protective covers so that they don't get scratched. Equipment, computers, and machinery are handled gently so they last longer. Customers are taken care of and have their needs met by salespeople and customer service people and every employee in the company as if they were their own family members and friends.

edit References

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