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[[Image:Taliban shells.jpg|right]]
[[Image:Taliban shells.jpg|right]]

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Christian Fundamentalists like the God-Fearing Republicans have a saying in their worship of "Pass The Ammo" in their Church. It used to be Praise The Lord, but was easily confused due to a mistranslation of Greek to English in some biblical texts.

It is backed up and supported by the NRA also known as the "Nuts for Rearming Anyone", founded by David Koresh and Rambo, which is also used for Repoing automobiles.

As a result, some Uncyclopedia writers who follow this message, tend to put too many bullet points into articles. Bullets are really ammo, same thing. Rambo said he has unlimited ammo and 99 Lives and ready to use them all up in defense of this saying.

Non-God-Fearing Democrats want to take the bullets away from the articles, but Rambo says that he reserves the right to arm bears, or whatever that means. I wasn't paying close attention, so he might have said something else.

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