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A muse

My muse! I can't live without my muse!


Date of First Draft Article Reviewed By Score Notes Pee Taken Advice?
110 March 2008Soap Operas VFHHeerenveen20A re-write, the Maths equation wasn't mine it was Luck's. I count this as my re-write for Conservation Week. Nommed as a joke, I presume Might be worth re-re-writing this considering I got more for votes than I should haveHereNot Yet
201 April 2008The DescentHeerenveen32.5Part of UnFilmHereYes
307 May 2008UnNews:Wikipedia Re-Labelled “Pornopedia” By ConservativesSysRq37.5Another (first one was deleted) UnNews, I saw the original story on Conservapedia and couldn't resist. This news story is currently being recorded has been recorded as an audio file by Heerenveen.HereYes
410 May 2008Gay marriageHeerenveen33.8This was a compleate re-writeHereNot yet
518 June 2008StarInsomnia
#3 of July 08
An Orian original that may actually be good. Liek wow! VFH! Featured! 06 July 2008 additionally one of the top 3 articles of July! (tied third place). ThanksplateHere
611 July 2008We Are Your Best FriendHeerenveen
An Orian Original, Taken from my searing hatred of Amazon "We Recomend For You" e-mails. This needs some serious re-writing!Here
71 August 2008StarWhy?:Don't You have a Girlfriend Yet?BlueYonder30.4Best thing I ever wrote this quickly if not ever. Self Nomed. Please vote nicely Featured 31 August 2008 Thanksplate2HereDone
82 August 2008UnNews:Sheep on rooftop threatens to jump!Gladstone352 articles in as many days! Christ!Heredoing
925 August 2008UnTunes:I Kissed a Girl (And I Threw Up) (QFA) VFH VFHN/AN/AA song, without music for now but I'm planning to Sissy said he'd do it do it. on vocals. Right, now forget you listened. Some prick nomminated this. Vote how ever you like QFA'd 11 March 2009, try again later. re-nommed! by Sissy vote nicely Failed! However it won The 2009 Uncyclopedia Music Awards I gave it another re-nom Failed!N/AN/A
1008 September 2008StarWhy?:Am I a Power Ranger?
#1 of September 08
#7 Article of 2008
Gerrycheevers36.2I just don't know how to describe this without employing the experssion "Similar to Insomnia yet compleatly different". Self Nomed. Please vote nicely Featured 13 September 2008 Thanksplate3 Holy christ 21 unapposed for votes! Additionally the number ONE top article of September 08! Tied SEVENTH place on Top 10 of 08!!!Heredone
1107 October 2008Why?:Did I Decide to Audition for Big Brother?BlueYonder27.5Another Why? I seem to like them. This was featured on the Why? front page August 29th 09 - sometime, which is nice. I don't think there was a vote so it's not really that importantHereKinda
1214 October 2008StarWhy?:Is There a Moose On This Plane?Nachlader38.5With RT and RAHB on pictures 2 and 4 respectivley. Self Nomed. Please vote nicely Featured 17 November 2008 Thanksplate4HereNot much to change.
1302 February 2009StarNeurotic (QFA)Tagstit36NOTHING LIKE INSOMNIA! Self nommed, please vote nicely QFA'd 11 March 2009, try again later. Re nommed by DrStrange Featured 26 March 2009 Thanksplate5Hereyup
1412 April 2009StarWhy?:Don't You Get a Job?Under user33.8Not based on my life at all. No really, I don't drink. VFH'd!!! Please vote nicely! Featured 18 May 2009 Thanksplate8, wow, two features in the time this one was on VFH, not sure if that's a good or bad thing...Hereyup
1502 May 2009StarHowTo:Build the Perfect Sandcastle
#1 of May 09
Currently my favourite thing I've written. Nominated by Gerry, vote nicely! Featured 07 May 2009 Thanksplate6. The number ONE article of May 09! Yay! thanksplate6.5Here
none to take.
Collab08 May 2009UnBooks:Diary of a Monkey Lover (QFA)Nachlader36.5The first collaborative effort that I've actually finished, with Tags. On VFH, please vote nicely Gotta wait for this aparently. It's on VFH again! doesn't look like this will ever get featured :(HereWill do
1611 May 2009StarUnTweets:Mr McElroyLand!Tagstit29I'm uncertain about this. It might be excelent or really bad. We'll see. Sonje did the first picture. low score but it's whats said in the review that counts, plus I've had loads of positive feedback. Self-nommed please vote nicely Featured 14 May 2009 Thanksplate7HereI'll say yes.
1718 May 2009StarNurserySaberwolf11637.5Joshy returns. Think this does need some help before VFH but I'm pretty confident I'm onto something good. Again Sonje on the first picture VFH'D!!! Please vote nicely (thanks Sonje) Featured 27 May 2009 Thanksplate9HereDone
1818 May 2009UnNews:Clip-on Ties Bring Safety to SchoolsUnder user35First UnNews I've done in ages! doubt it's VFH but we'll see. Undergone a title change, FYI.Hereyes. I think.
1928 May 2009StarSnow WhiteNameable
For Der Unwehr. Definitly need this peed though, I know it could be better. Got some good suggestions from pee! (2nd review) overall I kinda disagree, there is some stuff there I need to look at though. (3rd review) Ok so acording to Cajek, this is the best thing I've written. I'm not conviced personally but what do I matter? Nomminated by Cajek! Featured 18 June 2009, probably the best reception I've had at VFH since Why?:Am I a Power Ranger?. still don't like it, though. thanksplate10Here
2004 June 2009UnPoetia:Sonnet About Not Having a MuseN/AN/AI've decided to dedicate the month of June to doing things out of my style, and while this is first-person-narrative it's also a poem, which is different. I did the picture myself.N/AN/A
2115 June 2009StarWritingGerrycheevers36.5Compleatly re-wrote this (will count for points in Der Unwehr!) Nomminated!!! Featured 23 June 2009 thanksplate11HereYup!
2216 June 2009StarUnScripts:Heartbeat 2012N/AN/ASomething different again. Never finished a script before and already got some promising feedback. Sonje on the first picture! Sonje loved her picture so much she nommed the whole article! Featured 05 July 2009 First article of mine to be featured without a review. Thanksplate 12HereN/A
2322 June 2009Left 4 Dead VFHSaberwolf11632.5Rewritten for Der Unwehr! Encyclopedic again. Nomminated, but please vote against, I could make it alot better. Wow that was a fast failure.Herewill do.
2423 June 2009StarLazyTownIwillkillyou33340Rewritten becuase what was there offended me greatly. Also Der Unwehr. Also Joshy's third article, would love to see this featured at some point. Self nommed, please vote nicely dream came true! Featured 16 July 2009 Thanksplate 14Hereyes.
2528 June 2009StarUnScripts:Trapped at SeaChiefjusticeDS45Done in record time, I'm pretty impressed with it actually. Sonje nomminated it! Featured 17 July 2009 3rd feature in as many days! Go me! Thanksplate 15Hereyup
2630 June 2009UnNews:Conservapedia is better than Wikipedia, Christian AnnouncesHeerenveen33.8I like this. Conservapedia is where I get all my best UnNews ideas.Hereyup
2705 July 2009StarUnBooks:Daddy, There's a Zombie in the Garden
#1 of July 09
ChiefjusticeDS45I'm pretty confident this is great. Pee review confirms greatness, highest score ever. Also this is actually the first UnBook I've finished. nomination Featured 15 July 2009 Thanksplate 13. The number ONE top article of July 09, Thanksplate 13.5HereYeah.
2831 July 2009UnNews:Monsters of the World Now Immune To ChristiansChiefjusticeDS34(Der Unwehr) This is ok, I believe, not great but none of my UnNewses are.Herewill
Collab04 August 2009UnBooks:Daddy's New Wife - PhilipChiefjusticeDS41Collab with Nameable! He had this kicking around so I helped out.Herewill
2909 September 2009StarMarble MadnessFlameThrougher33.5(Der Unwehr) Probably crap but at least I've written something. Nomminated by Sonje! Featured 23 September 2009 Thanksplate 16HereN/A
3018 October 2009UnRadio:Tricia Bellerose on Pirate FM VFHChiefjusticeDS41I wrote this in four hours before the PLS deadline closed I can't imagine it winning but I can always go back and clean it up later. Poo Lit Runner up! (3rd Place)! Self nommed, please vote nicely FailedHereDoing
3116 March 2010UnNews:Footballer has sex with wifePuppyOnTheRadio29.5Confident this is rubbish, my UnNewses never fail to be. Still good to be back after a long hiatus.HereDoing.
3212 December 2010Captain NimblestoneChiefjusticeDS35I'm liking this. A good way to make my return (for the umteenth time this year, I have a good feeling about this return though!).HereDoing

Namespaces I have features in.

Holiday Funnies

  1. Trick or Treat Street (Halloween 08)
  2. (still in progress) 12 Days of Cristmas (Christmas 08)
  3. (Still in Progress -.-)You Are Alone In The Dark (Halloween 09)

In Progress

  1. UnBooks:My Little Brother: Pokemon -- Here
  2. UnBooks:My Quest -- Here
  3. UnBooks:The Dirty Mermaid -- Here
  4. UnNews:Fox Helps Pregnant Woman on Plane -- Here
  5. UnBooks:The ATM Gremlin -- User:Orian57/UnBooks:The ATM Gremlin

Stuff I Wanna Do

  1. (Der Unwehr) Toy
  2. (Der Unwehr) Stomach
  3. (Der Unwehr) F7
  4. (Der Unwehr) Rw Spare change -- starts off with and interesting tilt on things. Perhaps also go into Conspiracy theorist cults and such (parodying loose change).
  5. (Der Unwehr) Rw Twitter -- Already has a good start (excelent format) but I think I could do something funnier with it.
  6. (Der Unwehr) Rw Homosexual Agenda -- again good start just needs a bit of tweeking.
  7. (Der Unwehr) Rw monopoly -- Here
  8. (Der Unwehr) Rw Call from Grandma

  1. Dementia
  2. Cruise -- write an article about cruises.
  3. Health and Safety Violations On Uncyclopedia

  1. HowTo:Look Good Naked in Your Clean House 10 Years Ago!
  2. HowTo:Beat Your Wife

No Why?s

No UnScripts

  1. UnBooks:Your Heart Smells of Pee and Other Love Related Nonsense -- childhood romances
  2. UnBooks:Multi-tasking For Men
  3. UnBooks:Where Were You When the Tentacle Rape of the Universe Started?
  4. UnBooks:Honey... What's All This Paperwork?

  1. UnPoetia:A Rainbow of Reasons Why I Don't Want to be Your Friend Anymore

My Favorites!

Below is a collection of my favorite non-mine articles that everyone should read (No particular order).

  1. UnTweets:George Peterson
  2. The Dog Dies at the End
  3. UnBooks:Tarquin Middleton: My Battle with Depression.
  4. UnBooks:My New Life as a T-Rex
  5. UnBooks:A Day In The Life Of A Redirect
  6. Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  7. UnTunes:All You Motherfuckers Are Gonna Pay
  8. Cardboard box
  9. UnScripts:Average Cop
  10. UnMovie Review: The Dark Knight
  11. The fact that you don't want a poodle
  12. Hydrogen
  13. UnBooks:Uncyclopedia Brown and Wikipedia Brown solve the mystery of the missing smugglers and their hidden cave or something
  14. UnTunes:Still Hurting
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