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You are Alone in the Dark ...

So you’re nineteen. It’s Halloween, you can’t go out trick or treating because you’re middle class enough not to have your own children and as much as you’d like to go out and mug the little vampires – you’d only end up looking like a paedo in your wolf costume.

Of course you’re also single so there’s no cuddling up with your wimpy fuck-buddy in front of Hostel or some rendition of The Nightmare on Elm Street. But your parents are annoying and if you make plans quickly you can avoid the important job of ignoring the door and maintaining good Christian values.

You’ve heard that the Old Theatre on Fear Street is showing some Old Horror Movies. It’s the best you can do…

You go into the decrepit looking building and walk up to the decrepit looking pay desk and talk to the abandoned looking man. He gives you your ticket, mentioning in a sinister sounding warble that “you are alone in the dark” because this references the title and foreshadows imminent death, destruction of property, misery or evil wizards.

You realise you’re ticket will let you watch any one of the four movies, which conveniently all start in about five minutes.

edit You Choose...

Blue Halls
Screen one: The Blue Halls of Indecency

Pink orphange
Screen two: Pink Orphanage

Door 3
Screen three...

Door 4
Screen four...

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