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'''Alan the Walking Anachronism''' -- "This can't be good..." Alan mumbled.
'''Alan the Walking Anachronism''' -- "This can't be good..." Alan mumbled.
'''Poppy''' -- "Squawk, Oh crap, something bad is going to happen sometime, or it may have already happened, Squawk", Poppy squawked, knowing what an Anachronism is.
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UnProvise Name:
The High Seas
A pirate adventure in the 1600's Carribean. Zombies, redcoats, parrots, the works...
BlueYonder + YesTimeToEdit + Uncyclopedian Again + Methy
Who Is Who
BlueYonder plays pirate captain Eddingham, a notorious and horribly stereotypical swashbuckler, YesTimeToEdit plays Tom the Cabin Boy, Uncyclopedian Again plays Alan the Walking Anachronism, who is a walking anachronism, Methy plays Poppy, the Sarcastic Parrot

Captain Eddingham -- Captain Edward Edgard Edmund Eddingham stood at the front of his cliché pirate ship, the Buxom Mermaid, under the cliché skull-and-crossbones flag; the wind blew in a cliché way through his clichéd black dredlocks and black dredlocked beard (no, no, he's as caucasian as Hitler), and he waved the cliché hook on his left hand about in a fearsome way and squinted into the bright Carribean son with his one good eye, the other covered by a cliché eyepatch. The sea streched around the ship in every direction in a most cliché way. Eddingham spun himself around on his cliché boot heel. "Avast, me hearties!" he said in a you-know-how sort of way, "keep yer eyes peeled fir His Majesty's ships, that we may raid 'em in a cliché way!"

Tom the Cabin Boy -- Tom, the clichéd Cabin Boy on the ship, emerged from below deck and hurried towards the Captain. His clichéd torn and grubby shirt flapped about in the same clichéd wind. He skidded to a clichéd stop before Eddingham. "Cap'ain," he said in a clichéd, high pitched voice, "we found a stowaway, sur!".

Captain Eddingham -- "Aargh!" cried Captain Eddingham in anger, "bring him up here that I may 'aaargh!' at him angrily! Be he a poor immigrant, or a Jamacian Voodoo practitioner? I'll have no socially or racially offensive clichés on my ship!"

Tom the Cabin Boy -- Tom scurried off in a clichéd way to find some clichédely brutish men who could haul the stowaway up before the Captain.

Alan the Walking Anachronism -- The stowaway, whose name was Alan, was hauled up to the captain. "My name is Alan, and I want to know where the nearest vending machine is." he said quietly.

Poppy -- The parrot squawked, "Squawk, It's over in the ocean, Squawk"

Tom the Cabin Boy -- The loud squawking caused Tom, who was standing next to the loud parrot, to quietly collapse of fright.

Alan the Walking Anachronism -- Alan, when he saw that, simply said, "Are you telling me that the parrot is lying or something?"

Captain Eddingham -- "Aaaargh!" cried Eddingham. "This be not the Monkey Island series! Grog be found in barrels, not vending machines! Anachronisms be evil! Where ye be from, and how came ye here, ye blasted 'modern city kid'?"

Alan the Walking Anachronism -- Alan sighed. "Isn't talking about the Monkey Island series an anachronism? You kind of defeated your own point. Oh, and, if you even harm me at all, the US will NUKE YOUR SHIP!!! Not that that really helps me much. Or anything near the ship...STUPID NUKE-CRAZY PEOPLE!!!" he quickly said in a very annoying way.

Captain Eddingham -- "Aaargh!" cried Captain Eddingham, cliché as ever, "I not know what this prat be talking about, but he be unspeakably annoying! Tie him to the mast and give him a good lashin' with the cat o' nine tails! You do it well, Tom, and I'll lash off his skin ta make ye a new set o' stockings!"

Alan the Walking Anachronism -- Alan quickly said, "But I know where the WMD-I mean treasure is! And I can get the US to pay you to find it! DON'T KILL ME!"

Poppy -- Knowing Alan is lying (or not...), Poppy squawked, "Squawk, what do we care? We're in the ocean, Squawk"

Captain Eddingham -- "Aaargh!" growled Captain Eddingham, "quite so! Besides, it would break the sense of cliche!"

Poppy -- "Squawk, you already broke the sense of cliché with your dyslexia, Squawk. You named me Poppy instead of Polly, Squawk."

Alan the Walking Anachronism -- "This can't be good..." Alan mumbled.

Poppy -- "Squawk, Oh crap, something bad is going to happen sometime, or it may have already happened, Squawk", Poppy squawked, knowing what an Anachronism is.

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