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UnProvise Name:
The Duel
Two gentlemen duel to parody ludicrous fighting. A third tries to end the fight. Hilarity ensues.
Uncyclopedian, BlueYonder, Methy
Who Is Who
Uncyclopedian plays Robert, the first duelist. BlueYonder plays Howard, the second duelist. Methy plays James, the angry one who tries to break up the fight.

Robert -- Robert stood facing his opponent. He was ready to fight with his sword, pistol, rocket launcher, death ray, death note, stuffed bear, and shotgun, as well as other weird weapons.

Howard -- Howard faced Robert defiantly, bearing his cutlass, dagger, wand and axe in one hand and his shotgun, pistol and hunting rifle in the other. In a ridiculously posh accent, he said "Let's not let this get stupid."

Robert -- Robert threw the stuffed bear at Howard. "Well, then, lets start this. This ludicrous fight. That may or may not break local laws." he said.

James -- James, opening up the door to break up the fight, said "Of course it will. So I suggest you fucking stop before this does get stupid."

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