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Scenes from a Hat
An average "Scenes from a Hat" from the American version[1] Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Jasper + BlueYonder
Who Is Who
Jasper plays Drew Carey, the Host; BlueYonder plays Robin Willams, the guest celebrity.

Drew Carey -- "Okay," Drew Carey said, "For those at home, we took scenes that the audience gave us before the show and put the best ones into this hat." He showed a red, white and blue hat, taken from under his desk. "Okay, the first one is: 'World's Worst Subject.'"

Robin Williams - Robin Williams, ever the enthusiast, leaped forward jovially and assumed position on the stage. After staring at the ceiling thoughtfully for a moment while the audience watched in awkward silence and quietly considered starting a studio riot, he put on a flamboyant grin and gleefully cried “Suicide methods for old women! Can include knitting needle self-eye-mutilation, being scratched to death by cats, attempting to re-spark sex life on street corners..."

Drew Carey -- Drew pressed the buzzer and started laughing.

  1. There's a UK version and a US version. Like Big Brother.
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