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One Pure Thought
In a tiny village in Africa, a rich man falls out of the sky into someone's "bed" room.
Gert5. DotJasperDotNot
Who Is Who
Gert5 plays the rich man. Jasper plays Harookti, an African salesman. (We need 1 more actoré)

The Rich Man -- The Rich Man fell into a hut. "What the... How... My plane! Come back! Whew, it was a long fall! I remember I was in my aeroplane bedroom, playing a guitar, and poom!" He took out some pennies from his pocket.

Harookti -- Harookti saw a nice looking suit, and a broken guitar, and some United States currency. He's been waiting to use the English - which he'd learnt a couple of years ago - on someone, so he tried talking to this white boy. "My name is Harookti." Harookti put a hand out to this white boy for a handshake. "I learned English 2 years ago. How are you?"

The Rich Man -- "I feel horrible. Probably," the Rich Man says, "because I fell off a plane or something. My guitar is just a hobby. I got this suit from stock market trades. If you want to I could set you up on some- Oh. Right." He rises and walks out the hut.

Harookti -- Harookti thought the man was a mind reader, because that's exactly what Harookti was thinking. "Wait," Harookti said, "I was thinking just that. Did you read my mind or something?" It seemed that Harookti was very fluent in English. But he said to his family in Afrikaans, "Hey! This guy fell from the sky in one of those 'airplanes'! You know, those big white objects in the sky that we can't have? No, not the clouds, the other white things!"

The Rich Man -- The Rich Man, who was lightly surprised by the "mind-reading" idea, said "Oh no, there's more? Am I ever going to get out of here?"

Harookti -- "We don't have an 'airport' here in Zimbabwe," Harookti said, "Or 'signal'. We walk miles to Northern Africa to an airport. Sorry, mind reader, we have nothing." He had no emotion on his face.

The Rich Man -- The Rich Man whispered to himself quietly "And you're all black? Great". Obviously showing signs of racism (and cookies).

Harookti -- Harookti heard what this rich man said, so he tried to find a phrase for that. He finally uttered out, "No shit, Sherlock."

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