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UnProvise Name: Insane Asylum
Description: A guy who is in an insane asylum gets to talk to Some People
Contributors: Qua + YTTE + Flumpa + DJ Irreverent + VGDictator
Who Is Who: Qua plays the lonely inmate and YTTE plays Some Person, Flumpa plays Old Man Winters, who likes to yell at people, DJ Irreverent plays Freddy, VGDictator plays Sideshow Bob, who has multiple personality disorder, BlueYonder plays Warden Stevens

This article is written in the past tense!

Lonley Inmate -- "I'm so lonely" said the inmate.
Some Person -- "Hello again, lonely inmate, and how are you?" said Some Person, after seemingly appearing in front of the Lonely Inmate. Some Person was dressed in a bright green waistcoat with red boots with no trousers[1] or shirt. His chest was hairy, but strangely appealing.
Old Man Winters -- In a room down the hall, Old Man Winters was enjoying a nice, quiet sleep when he was abruptly woken by the voices. "SHUT DEH FUCK UP DERE'S PEOPLE TRYIN'ER SLEEP IN 'ERE!", he yelled in his rugged voice.
Some Person -- "Dad!" Some Person said with anguish, "I'm trying to do my job here, ya know earn my keep... The thing you didn't do? Remember the troubled childhood and the alcohol? Anyway, that's besides the point. I'm trying to do my job here". Some Person was trying to keep his voice calm and flat in front of the client, but was finding it a struggle. Finally he turned back to the Lonely Inmate. "Sorry, where were we?" he said brightly.
Old Man Winters -- Visibly annoyed, Old Man Winters yelled out "DONTCHU BE TALKIN' T'YER OL' MAN LIKE DAT, YER HOOLIGAN!!! I'LL PUT A HURT'N ON YA!!!"
Freddy -- "Shut the **** up I'm trying to make out with my imaginary girlfriend here!?"
Lonley Inmate -- "Hey... Hey... Calm down. I didn't say anything to... Son?" said the inmate while relizing that the person next to him is his son.
Sideshow Bob -- Randomly entering the conversation from across the hall, Sideshow Bob said, "Wot a lovely conversation. Yes, indeed. Must you repeat everything I say? Shut up. No, you! NO, YOU!" Sideshow Bob then vigorously slapped himself in the face.
Some Person -- "RIGHT! THIS IS ENOUGH!" screamed Some Person, enraged, "I'm having a private meeting with a client of mine and you lot decide to invade! This isn't a fucking strip club! Everyone put your clothes on and GET OUT! I want to talk to this inmate!" Some Person sighed partly due to the pain that was stingy his vocal chords at that moment and also due to the fact that a "what is the world coming to?" thought had flashed through his mind. He sighed again, this time because a "the youth these days, well really, I just don't know" thought had trundled through his normally dilapidated and rather empty to-rent mind.
Sideshow Bob -- Sideshow Bob said, "I DESIRE A POOPY! I believe what my colleague here is so insistently trying to say is...". And, bringing his voice down to a conspiratorial whisper, continued, "I... need... chocolate... pancakes...."
Some Person -- Some Person looked around shocked at the stupidity of those around him. He was almost sick. "This is disgusting" he hissed, menacingly, "This is my client and my session with him. Oh, beg a ya pardon, put the emphasis on the wrong word. This is my client and my session with him. If everyone doesn't get out, NOW, I'll personally throttle the lot o' ya!" By this point Some Person had worked himself into a eye-twitching rage and was running about, tearing at his hair.
Warden Stevens -- Warden Stevens suddenly entered the room, swinging his keys on his finger and looking gruff. "Some Person!' he yelled at Some Person. "You amateur! I thought I told you, imitating these people is not the way to get through to them! And get someone else to interview your father next time if you've got such daddy issues!' He turned to the inmates. 'Right, you braindead collection of inbreds, bed time!"
Lonley Inmate -- He frowned as he saw his only friends leaving. He wished for them not to go away but they slowly left the cell. As they were leaving he said, "Please, don't go. I'll be nice!"
Warden Stevens --"Shut up, you. Don't you have an imaginary animal friend you can rape or something?" Observing the inmates leave, he muttered to himself "Huh. Thought they'd put up more of a fight than that, to be honest. My tazer really wants to be rammed up someone's arse."

Insane Asylum has been deemed "finished" and has reached its natural conclusion, please don't continue it. If you disagree with this please take up the matter on this UnProvise's talkpage.
  1. Or "pants" to you crazy Americans
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