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UnProvise Name:
Admin Roleplay
Play an admin, you fool!
Gert5 + BlueYonder + SysRq + Jasper
Who Is Who
Gert5 is Chronarion, creator of Uncyc, BlueYonder is MrGr8, an aspiring admin. SysRq is Zombiebaron, Zombiebaron Zombiebaron Zombiebaron. Jasper is TheLedBalloon/Leddy The Crunch

Chronarion -- Chronarion ate a bowl of chili. "Why did I just do that? Oh well, time to make something!" he mused. Messing around he created Uncyclopedia "Wow, this sucks. Like anyone is going to register. Dang." He walked off.

Thousands and Millions years pass...

MrGr8 -- Quite suddenly, MrGr8 registers. "Wow!" he cries on a talk page. "I'm the first to register! What an achievement! Can I be an admin? Do I get to ban people for what I pretend are good reasons? Can I wreak some articles and then blame new users? Huh? Can I?"

Zombiebaron -- "Zombiebaron. VFP. Zombiebaron. Zombiebaron."

MrGr8 -- "What was that?"

TheLedBalloon -- "Another user."

MrGr8 -- "Oooh. Can I ban him? Pretty please?"

TheLedBalloon -- "I'm not Chronarion. I think he abandoned the website. And don't you have admin powers anywhere else? You should know you can."

Zombiebaron -- "Zombiebaron."

TheLedBalloon -- Leddy bans ZombieBaron for massively spamming.

3 days later...

Zombiebaron -- "Zombiebaron?"

Leddy The Crunch -- No.

Chronarion -- As everyone leaves, Chronarion returns. "Hello? Anyone?" Chronarion said. "I was right, nobody does care." Chronarion then goes to Starbucks to have a coffee.

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