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So my little brother has this super power – I dunno where he got it; probably in the garden – but anyway. He can sort of make fictional worlds a reality, causing hilarious misadventures with a moral at the end. It’s a right pain in the arse trust me.

I wake up one day and he gone and made the Pok’e’mon universe a reality. The dick – that’s my childhood not his. So I burst into his room, he’s sitting on his short bed doodling a Bellsprout on the wallpaper.

“What the hell is this?” I demand holding up a flailing Pikachu by the tail.

“That’s a Pikachu! Don’t hurt him!”

“Where’s the cat?”

He shrugs “I don’t make the rules.”

“Yes you do!” I drop the Pikachu which scampers away. “All right. What do we have to do this time?”

“Professor Christmas wants us to complete the Pokedex.”

“Well isn’t that wizard?”

“No he’s a professor.” He nodded his confirmation.

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