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This is where I keep a long list of articles that I have reviewed and the reviews I gave them. With fun comments and stuff. More or less for reference.

edit PEE!

Date of pee review Article Writer Score given Notes Link to pee
108 March 2008HowTo:Become Stupid in 21 daysOptimuschris36.5Featured 26 April 2008 and I got a Golden Shower!Here
215 March 2008Sunny DMaff28.75Here
319 March 2008Lake SpookyTheLedBalloon31.25Featured 27 March 2008Here
0017 March 2008My friend joey84.250.123.2085Shameful little review I did. you'll need to look in the history for it as it was reverted and done by someone else.Here
420 March 2008People who are all like...Wonder Mike6.25I want to apologise for that review really. I was having a noob moment and was probably too tierd. Also I think U.U has a good idea in his "quick second opinion"Here
523 March 2008Jesus stickRustik33.75Here
624 March 2008HowTo:become a DoucheKitkats32.5Here
725 March 2008UnBooks:The Last Little PigDr. Skullthumper36.25Featured 7 April 2008Here
828 March 2008UnScripts:Tech Support TranscriptThe Improver30Here
904 April 200823 (number)Tkotse18.75The article i reviewed isn't there anymore (the edit was reverted) and, as far as I know, Tkotse is working on my suggestions. Also this was my first failed review.Here
1009 April 2008HowTo:Be a Loyal EmployeeTHE38.75My other failure.Here
1113 April 2008Jerry FalwellModusoperandi35May I draw your attention the talk page of the article? Interesting exchange of words with Nezlr there. Also featured 15 May 2008Here
1217 April 2008HowTo:Purchase PornTheGreenOne36.25Here
1319 April 2008Hersheys81.158.238.24127.5Here
1426 April 2008AidenFairyGarland30First review as an acting member of PEEING!Here
1526 April 2008CrayonsSilveryMinnow32.5Here
1627 April 2008IcebergNezlr28.75Here
1701 May 2008Cadaver synodHyperbole28.75Here
1803 May 2008WiL FrancisFairyGarland33.75Here
1904 May 2008Bullet For Mai ValentineFairyGarland33.75Here
2004 May 2008UnBooks:Tarquin Middleton: My Battle with Depression.Winstanley146Quite simply the funniest piece of writing. Ever! Also the highest score I've ever given out (and the highest I am ever likly to). Vote for it to be featured here Featured on 11 May 2008Here
2106 May 2008MapleTree ProductionsMapleTree4616.25Huffed aparently.Here
2210 May 2008Intelligent FallingUtter Bastard32.53Probably my longest review.Here
2311 May 2008Barney (U.S. politician)Hyperbole31.25Here
2416 May 2008UnNews:Burma wants guns to combat CycloneGarionepsilon37.5Here
2517 May 2008UnBooks:The TrailG'orzak36.25Here
2619 May 2008Why?:Won't that damn CD player play my vinyls?Heerenveen37.5Featured 12 June 2008Here
2719 May 2008iSteve121.184.107.20612.5Awarded Golden Urinal!Here
2819 May 2008UnNews:Bill Clinton supports Barack ObamaVanaelin33.75Here
2919 May 2008Admin Treats65.163.112.1817.5Four in one day, that's just not right. Also, Huffed!Here
3021 May 2008Why?:Did the Chicken Cross the RoadQua18.75Here
3121 May 2008UnNews:Sex considered to be 2nd most pleasurable activityAlexandros17.5Here
3222 May 2008UnNews:Lack of News Causes Suicide Among BloggersAlexandros28.1Here
3322 May 2008UnNews:Crazed Gunman Holds Up Helpless Kitties, Cat lovers despairAlexandros30Here
3422 May 2008UnNews:AIDS is now rated as most wanted by the FBIAlexandros32.5Here
3522 May 2008UnNews:ETWN Cancels the Adventures of Jesus, Fans outragedAlexandros30Here
3623 May 2008UnNews:Prostitute Union FormedAlexandros12.5This got me into the top 5 reviewers (level with MrN9000)Here
3725 May 2008Marcus FenixKneeChee2732.5Here
3801 June 2008GayMrN900035Here
3901 June 2008tootstainJdock128.75Euch! Huffed! Rejoice!Here
4003 June 2008Melty BloodLCats16.05Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong! Also, after reading it through U.U. decided to give me that wonderful "Sucker for Punishment" Ninjastar. And Huffed! All that work for nought!?Here
4106 June 2008Don't be a Menace...MrCleveland17.5Articles I review being huffed is starting to get pretty annoying.Here
4213 June 2008Reverend Jeremiah WrightMarsviii30.25Here
4319 June 2008SpuckMassvideogamer18.75Here
4419 June 2008Final Girl124.
4526 June 2008Mothers Against NoiseFag35Here
463 July 2008Awkward ConversationThe Woodburninator40Featured 23 July 2008Here
474 July 2008Goldilocks and the Three BearsPrettiestpretty38.75Featured on 13 July 2008Here
486 July 2008UnNews:Sport: Germany vs Soviet UnionGladstone31.25Here
497 July 2008A Day In The Life of A RedirectYesTimeToEdit38.75Awarded Thankies and a Golden Shower! Featured on 10 July 2008Here
5012 July 2008Mr. JudgeHeerenveen36.25Woot! 50 reviews! Awarded Sucker For punishment ninjastar by Hv!Here
5113 July 2008Spontaneous CombustionUnder user40.63Under Used Ninjastar from U.U.! Featured on 21 July 2008Here
5213 July 2008Calvin HarrisCrabPope23.75Yay! 50 In-depth! Platinum Pisser from Hv!Here
5318 July 2008The Fat GirlPrettiestpretty37.5Here
5421 July 2008UnNews:Santa's elves on strike this year, naughty and nice list shortenedGert528.8Here
5525 July 2008MidnaDeku-Scrub10Here
566 August 2008HowTo:Turn Your Life AroundYouFang31.88There is not a curse. There's not. See!Here
5712 september 2008Edward the blue engineJenkin13.75Ridiculously long time between reviews but I really need to pick up some of the slack now.Here
5813 September 2008GardeningBlackHarrier3212I might re-write this article based on my own advice if Harrier doesn't.Here
5907 October 2008UnTunes:Song has been (Deleted by the Artist)ScottBurnan33.13What I said last month about my reviewing efforts. Although there is that new award...Here
6023 January 2009UnNews:Researchers discover that the song, "All You Need is Love" may in fact be false.tagstit33.75Yeah more lies about doing this more often.Here
6124 January 2009HowTo:Be A Damsel In DistressDrStrange38.13Featured 31 January 2009Here
6217 April 2009User:Tagstit/Unnews:Sexter abused, possibly rapedTagstit31.25Here
6326 April 2009UnBooks:Early 90s Young Adult NovelSysRq35Here
6411 May 2009User:Hyperbole/Bench pressHyperbole26.25Here
6522 May 2009UnBooks:Great Abridged Pop SongsHyperbole38.75Here
6631 May 2009UnNews:Koreans plan to take over EarthLongLiverh326.25Here
6705 June 2009UnPoetia:The Break UpFuentfue15On the same day (well sleep cycle) that I wrote an equally shit UnPoetia too.Here
6805 June 2009HowTo:Kill A BerserkerIwillkillyou33315Here
6913 June 2009UnTunes:Stinky Love SongTodd Lyons32.5Never certain about revieing UnTunes, there never seems like theres enough to say.Here
7014 June 2009Worst 100 Ways To Be CastratedPuppyOnTheRadio18.75Here
7126 June 2009Tooth Fairysog197033.2Here
7227 June 2009Glen BentonIwillkillyou33315Here
731 August 2009What I did on my hols.sog197036.88Here
7416 August 2009Bad ReligionLegolas1120Here
7520 September 2009Predator's Guide To RunescapeMaXDeAtH11.8875 Reviews! A milestone has been reached. Two more good ones and I get that Diamond Dumper.Here
7602 October 2009UnTunes:Goodbye facebook screen (Social Networking the wind)PuppyOnTheRadio34.36Here
7713 December 2010Unquotable:Quotes in AAAAA!Magic man16.25Jury is still out on wither or not this is a good review. First in over a yearHere

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