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Church of scientology
27 This user is 27 years old. Woop-ti-doo.

Brain This user's IQ is 123.

A This user is an adult and so doesn't know what fun is.
This user is a boy and is made of slugs, snails and puppy dog tails.

HeteroSym-pinkblue2.svg This user is straight and so desires intimate relations with members of the opposite sex. The freak.
Userbox-single.svg This user is Single but is currently stalking someone.
Angrygod This user hates religion and is a sinner through and through!
free This user is interested in freethought as s/he sure as hell doesn't want to pay!.
Screw It This user reserves the right to completely screw up his or her edits life by spending too much time on Uncyclopedia.
One Fierce Beer Coaster icon This user is a legend in their spare time.
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DIFF H This user plays Video Games on the highest difficulty available because they like to get the most out of their games and thinks you should too!
Antisensor This user is against computer and video game censorship and regulation as they like porn and violence (though not always at the same time).
Wakin goldfish This user owns goldfish as they like interactive screen-savers.

edit More About Me

SP Lyle Crump

Well I'm a journalist, currently answearing stupid people's questions at the magazine Naked Science, (a friend puts my column up on his dusty corner of the internet to give it more publicity). I'm told that I come across as bitter and resentful but I don't see that, I prefer to describe myself as out-going, fun-loving and other Hyphonated-phrases-that-make-me-sound-likeable. I'm here on Uncyclopedia because the above mentioned friend bullied me into it and in the hope that I can further my career in some way. While here I'll try and help out with minor stuff rather than write articles as I'm just too busy lazy.

If you have any complaints about me be sure to use my talkpage and if you have questions you'd like put into Naked Science again use my talkpage. Finally I'm also somewhat of an agony-uncle so if you have a problem come to my talkpage and we can talk it over. Read this Lyle Crump Talk Icons-flag-gb 01:15, 21 June 2008 (UTC)

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