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People's Front of Judea tag
This page is Israel-Related. Please check the UnNews page before changing it.

A Song:

In a country far far away
there's a man with keyboard
and lot's of time to spare
he creates new nations
and destroys them at his wish
for the time is too long
to focus on his english
or to just leave it there
This is my song,
And this is my Page,
For my name is not my Identity,
And I don't even know who I am,
All honest Finder is invited,
To please bring me back to myself,

My Pages

Israeliflag This user Israeli
...Home of some angry Jews
(List of Israeli Uncyclopedians)
Starofdavid This user is 50px-Jewish_link.GIF, and probably controls Uncyclopedia in some remote way.

US flag

This user is not American
...and unabashedly proud of it.
(But he's not saying where he is from
in case y'all come and bomb the hell out of it.

(List of NonAmerican Uncyclopedians)

No hammer and sickle This user is an

... and is unabashedly American!

British Royal Family This user is a monarch, or a megalomaniac.

This user is a boy and is made of slugs, snails and puppy dog tails.
This user has a crapload of userboxes. To see more of them, go to [[{{{1}}}]].

Msyclopaintia This user's primary source of artwork is MS Paint.
Windows Logo This user uses Windows because he or she can't get enough of your lover.

Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Ruff! Ruff Ruff! Arf! Arf!
Tursiops truncatus head Eeek ahk sque'ek uhk kkkk'k squeek!
.sdrawkcab si resu sihT

!degnellahc-yllatnoziroh TON si resu sihT :etoN
Uncyclopedia elzzup otatop
usb This user likes to use userboxes.

Usb! No, really!


1+ This user has over 1 edit. Duh!
Villianc This user denies any involvement with the cabal. There is no cabal.
Happysatan This user is a sinner, and bows before Satan.

Pegasus small This user is convinced that any Pegasus is far superior to a Unicorn. No unicorn small
Clown chili peppers This user fears the clowns.
Canadian snowman This user is cooler than you.
n00b This user is a n00b.
Jihad This user believes that there's nothing like a proper Jihad to ease your pain
אױ אַ שײנעם ברכת דער אוזערניק איז אַ מעשוגענאער שלעמיל און אַ ‫פֿאַרשטוקענע פּוץ. (Der usernik iz a meshugganah shlemiel un a farshtukenah putz.)
typo-0 This user does not understand Typo and hates people that speak it because they're all annoying foreigners.
MS-N This user grew up in a forward-thinking family, and therefore always speaks his mind, you nerd.

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