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edit Honor

His formal honor is
His Majesty Chick, By the Grace of God of the Kingdom of Great Chick, Proprietor of All Precious Titles Including Sir, Eminence, Tycoon, Highness, Lord, President, Senor, Chancellor, Shogun, Maharaja, Regent, Chief, Grand Minister, Son of Heaven, Worthy Doctor, Mister, Emeritus, Principal, Captain, Enchilada, Earl, Occupant, General of York, Fuhrer, Director, Under-Secretary, Head, Honor, Manager, Sex Symbol, Angel, Indiana Police, Persian Golf, Groper, Commissioner, Champion, Mademoiselle, CEO, Emperor, Governor, Exarch and Pope.
But there had been so many citizens who bite their tongues or were unable to articulate properly were unable to articulate properly because of his both high and noble honer. So he permitted to call him His Mejesty Chick, with generos magnificently. There are so popular to call him His Majesty Chick nowadays.

edit Quotes from His Majesty Chick

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