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“This has got to be the worst user page I've ever seen. Whoever wrote this is an idiot.”
~ Oscar Wilde on me

Holy shit, I'm actually making a user page? That's almost too crazy to exist. Be warned, it's likely to be stupid, convoluded, and have way too many headings. I'd stop reading now if I were you. No, seriously. I mean, I stopped reading about ten minutes ago. My fingers are just working on their own shit now. Kill the thumbs! Kill them!

edit Stuff I've done

edit Uncyclopedia

edit Spawned

edit Rewrote / Editted Extensively

edit Also...

  • I'm fairly-somewhat active in VFD and VFH
  • And I'm the stub fairy, adding stub templates to pages that need it
  • And random copy-edits, including making links to my articles whenever I see a word that even vaughly sorta' fits.
  • Oh, right, and your mom. I totally did her.

edit Um... Not Uncyclopedia

  • I screwed about on wiki for a while, but uncyclopedia has at least 90% more funk in the trunk. I left and have never looked back.
  • I totally do improv. I'm on a team and everything. Totally.
  • I'm going to start a webcomic someday, assuming (and this is a pretty big assumption, knowing me) that I ever get around to it. But if I do... It'll be sweet. There'll be characters and EVERYTHING. Fuck yeah.
  • Oh, and did I mention your mom? Frankly, she's not very good in bed.
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