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Cupcake dog flashback

edit Optimuschris

Optimuschris does not transform into anything. He is not interested in saving the planet from giant robots. He does not want to see your fanfic. He does however have a penchant for not wearing pants.

Optimus fatso

This is not Optimuschris


This however...



Uncyclopedia:Imperial Colonization

Colonization Workshop

Things I've peed on.


Work in Progress

More Work in Progress

UnNews desk


UN:At a glance

some .js or other

UnNews (TalkContribs (del)Block (rem-lst-all)WhoisCityProxy?WP Edits) was so impressed with me, he wrote this in my honor! Obviously the Philistines around here had to delete it immediately, vanity they said. I saved a copy though because my ego demands it.


edit So I don't forget.

HowTo:Featured, {{HowTo:TotD}} and HowTo:Recent

edit These things make me laugh.

Then again, so does video of dudes getting kicked in the nuts. Meh. You decide.

edit Random Shit

Some good articles

UnNews:God declares Fargo a test area for disasters as blizzard hits

User:RAHB/Fantastic Jokes and Other Reverted Humor

The Cruise

this thing

User:Optimuschris/21days thanks

User:Optimuschris/Nazi thanks


Be Quiet and Shut the Fuck Up


Template-Impersonal thanks.



Good Boy!

edit I are teh writer what is good with words and stuff

edit IC Feature(s) that I had nothing to do with but share credit for anyways

edit IC Articles I contributed to causing them to not be featured

edit Also this crap

Why?:Can't Anybody Drive in this Town?

UnNews:Optimus Prime Murdered

edit These things

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