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The term nostalgia refers to the feeling of contentment a person experiences when they are completely happy with their circumstances. The word is a learned formation of the Latin words nos, meaning "negative, none or no", and stalgia, meaning "worries". It was a common expression at one time but has fallen into disuse due to the world turning to shit.

edit History

edit As a Medical Condition

edit Popular Culture

edit As Home Decor

Recently the term nostalgic has gained popularity in home realty circles to describe a certain style of house or aparment. While there is no clear definition of this style, there are prominent recurring features such as clawfoot bathtubs, steam radiated heat, rats and high concentrations of radon gas. This style has found a ready market with the type of tweed wearing intellectual that wouldn't know a claw hammer from a portable float-bearing mounted dual reciprocating multi-dimensional radial skilsaw with automatic laser level and infinitly adjustable feed control even though that second thing doesn't exist. As a result, most of these fine examples of sturdy construction and state of the art home appliances have invariably fallen into disrepair; the servant's stairway banisters unpolished, the crown moldings undusted, the rats unfed. In the past these houses would have been maintained with minimal effort by the proud men and women that owned them. Currently they are all too often the final resting place of nitwits that have frozen to death and/or died of natural gas poisoning in their basement because they could not light the furnace's pilot light.

This is actually a misuse of the term nostalgic however as what the realtors really mean is "old and overpriced".

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